Travel expenses to Iran

Travel expenses to Iran Travel expenses to Iran are closely related to your lifestyle and type of travel. Do you like to carry your backpack on your shoulder and travel to Iran to see different lifestyles and different cultures, or do you prefer to spend your honeymoon in the most luxurious hotels and tourist areas […]

Native plants of Iran

Native plants of Iran Iran is a country of four seasons. Due to the special geographical location of Iran, its location between two seas, its special topography and many other factors, special and unique animal and plant species can be found everywhere in our country, Iran. Iran’s plant diversity is so vast that it makes […]

Native Iranian Fauna

Wildlife in Iran (Native Iranian Fauna) Iran’s wildlife varies according to the country’s situation. The diversity and contradiction of Iran’s natural environment is one of the winning cards of Iran’s environment. Habitat diversity in Iran is from desert and hot and dry to green and fertile plains. This causes biodiversity of living organisms and animals […]

history of Iran

Familiarity with the history of Iran When it comes to the history of Iran, it is necessary to consider whether it refers to the history of tribes and peoples who have lived within the political borders of present-day Iran since the beginning of history or the history of tribes and peoples who call themselves in […]

The land of the four seasons

The land of the four seasons of Iran calls you … Iran, the land of four seasons     Iran has a unique and remarkable ecosystem and climatic conditions in the world, which is known as a special tourist destination as well as a source of scientific and geographical studies. Iran has all five environmental […]

Vegetation of Iran

Vegetation of Iran Botanists believe that the current vegetation of this land is the result of the gradual infiltration of plant species from neighboring areas into the plateau and their change due to the great diversity that geographical altitude and climatic differences have required. Geographers and botanists have proposed different methods for classifying Iranian vegetation, […]

Iran is the eternal land of the Aryans

Iran is the eternal land of the Aryans Most historical sources consider the people of Iran today to be the remnants of the Aryans who migrated from the far north to the south and the present land of Iran and destroyed the native peoples and civilizations of this land and replaced them. The history of […]


Architecture is one of the oldest arts in Iran The art of architecture in a country like Iran, which has ancient history and culture, is one of the most important foundations of civilization. Art in Iran is as old as history and architecture is one of the oldest art in this land. The prosperity and […]

Iranian Ethnic Costumes

Iranian Ethnic Costumes Familiarity with different types of Iranian ethnic clothing Iran is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Middle East, which is among the 19 countries registered in UNESCO. The people of Iran have different cultures and beauty, each with its own language and customs. Iran is a country where the […]

Familiarity with the celebrations of ancient Iran

Familiarity with the celebrations of ancient Iran In ancient Iran, celebrations were held on special days of the year, which are known today as the celebrations of the ancient Iranians. The life of some ancient Iranian celebrations is equal to the life of this nation and people. Some Iranian celebrations such as Nowruz, Mehregan and […]