Visit Iran

Iran E-Visa

As one of the most pioneer destinations of the Middle-East, Iran is a new destination for the western travelers who are looking for a new experience, accordingly, Iranian government is paying a considerable attention to the tourism, related facilities and also rules and regulations. Visa is one of the most important rules which directly in […]

Tehran Top Restaurants

As the capital city of the extended Iran and also where is embracing the majority of unique urban facilities, Tehran is embracing some of the best and most unique restaurants of Iran; this is why travelers shouldn’t miss these awesome restaurants; so Fantastic Iran Travel has planned to inform you about top 10 restaurants in […]

Can US citizens travel to IRAN?

As one of the most attractive places in the world without any exaggeration, Iran stands out among all countries in middle east and even in the world. It is hard to count it’s beauties and attractions so in this essay some major points about this country is listed which encourages every American or non American […]

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

In order to choose a destination for a trip, in addition to the interest of people, they usually ask some questions that somehow they have same inside. For example: what are the beauty of the destination waiting for me? What are new cultures that I will experience? What kind of people I will face? What […]

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Some historiographers consider Iran as the first historical nation, and the Iranian Empire as the first empire all around the world. Places must have two major features to be announced as World Heritage Site by UNESCO; firstly, they should have impressing universal value; secondly, they should obtain at least one of the criteria explained by […]

Iranian Souvenirs

Undoubtedly the best souvenir that tourists can take with themselves are unforgettable memories and photos, but Iran has several unique handicrafts and delicious sweets which usually tourists take them as souvenir. Each region in Iran has its own souvenirs with specific features. Iranian souvenirs are mostly divided into two groups: Handicraft: Iranian handicrafts have high […]

Safety in Iran

Iran is remembered as one of the safest countries among tourists who have experienced traveling to Iran before. Iran is a fairly safe country, and its people are really warm and friendly to foreigners; they are voluntarily ready to help you in any probable difficulty. Now, try to ignore wrong preconceptions about Iran’s atmosphere and […]

Iran’s Nature

Iran covers a vast area (roughly one and a half million square kilometers), and it encompasses several different climates (arid, semi-arid, tropical, frost, severe frost, mild and moderate). The diversity of animal species in Iran is wide because of its appropriate climate for wildlife, diverse climates, vast area, fertile plains, pristine nature, etc. so, there […]

Iranian Foods and Drinks

Iranian foods: Maybe the flavor of Iranian cuisine is the best memory of most tourists, during visiting Iran. This statement is not an exaggeration, because there are many delicious foods for any taste in Iranian cuisine. Most of Iranian dishes consist mainly of rice, bread and meat. Iranian people use mainly turmeric powder, salt, pepper, […]