Why do we travel to Iran after Corona virus?

The Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism Tourism, one of the most important and fastest growing sector has been considered as a vulnerable industry. in comparison to other industries, tourism industry gets more affected due to any shocks or stresses.   Tourism is considered one of the hardest hits by the COVID-19 outbreak. The section is […]

UNESCO World Heritages of Iran

UNESCO World Heritages of Iran   Introduction of Iran The name Iran means Aryan land. Iran is located in southwestern Asia with an area of ​​more than 1 billion and 648 thousand square kilometers. Ranked 18th in the world in terms of breadth. Tehran is the capital of this country and is located in the […]

Travel Guide to Vegetarian Iranian Food?

Travel Guide to Vegetarian Iranian Food?   What Is Vegetarian? Vegetarianism means avoiding animal meat, which may include foods such as milk, dairy products, eggs, and honey that have animal origin. There are several types of vegetarianism that vary depending on the type of vegetarianism toward livestock and animal products. Some vegetarians also disagree with […]

    The Best Cinema Complexes In Tehran

The Best Cinema Complexes In Tehran Tehran can be considered the best city in Iran for going to the cinema and having fun in its halls. Tehran’s move to build, operate, and support modern cinema complexes has freshened the lifeblood of the cinema industry in the country, and as a result, the industry has made […]

Iran Travel Insurance

What is Iran Travel Insurance? Iran Travel insurance during travel is one of the important factors in the growth and development of the tourism industry. Often, ambivalence is always accompanied by fear and worry. Fear of traveling in unfamiliar environments, delays in moving vehicles and missing out on subsequent trips, illnesses, unexpected accidents, and dozens […]

Iranian Traditional Music

Introduction Iranian traditional music, also known as authentic Iranian music, Iranian classical music and instrumental music. Including instruments, chants, and songs, flowed from the life of the Iranian people from years BC to today, and what was more pleasing, simpler and more meaningful is available today. Much of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Republic of […]

Iran Tourist Card

Introduction of Iran Tourist Card If you want to travel to Iran, you may be asking yourself how to get a MasterCard in Iran. Well, this is not really possible in Iran; since Iranian banking is not part of international banking, your credit cards, such as a visa or a Master Card, will be useless […]

Visit Iran


Iran E-Visa

As one of the most pioneer destinations of the Middle-East, Iran is a new destination for the western travelers who are looking for a new experience, accordingly, Iranian government is paying a considerable attention to the tourism, related facilities and also rules and regulations. Visa is one of the most important rules which directly in […]

Tehran Top Restaurants

As the capital city of the extended Iran and also where is embracing the majority of unique urban facilities, Tehran is embracing some of the best and most unique restaurants of Iran; this is why travelers shouldn’t miss these awesome restaurants; so Fantastic Iran Travel has planned to inform you about top 10 restaurants in […]