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Introduction of Zanjan

This city, as mentioned in the introduction, is located in the northwestern part of Iran and is regionally located in Azerbaijan.The city is located in the provincial capital of the same name. Neighbors of Zanjan are Qazvin cities from east, southwest and west of Kurdistan province, north with Ardebil and East Azerbaijan, Gilan from northeast and south with Hamadan. Zanjan city is the capital of Zanjan province and northwestern Iran which is known as the largest city in northwest of Iran. The city has a population of 430000, which is known as the 20th most populous city in Iran. This city, located in the Zanjan Tea Valley, from the trout branches, and on the Shoozeh and Tehran Railways to Tabriz. The handicrafts of this city include silver making, tapestry, knitting and carpet making.

Climate of Zanjan

The climate of the region are highly variable in terms of humidity and altitude. As a whole, the highlands have cool mountainous climates, snowy, cold winters and mild, dry summers. In the meantime, the Ghezel Ozen valleys have a more temperate climate, with temperate winters and relatively warm summers. Plains between the highlands such as the Sajas Plain, the Strata region and the lower Zanjan River have a more temperate climate. Based on meteorological statistics and reports for the last 10 years, the average annual maximum temperature was + 37.1 ° C and the minimum annual average temperature was -19.5 ° C.


Transportation System of Zanjan

To Zanjan, plane, road and train options are available.


Zanjan has an international airport that operates flights to Mecca and Medina during the Hajj season, the only other route to Mashhad at other times of the year. (Flying on Tuesdays and Fridays)


The Tehran-Tabriz Railway passes through this city. Of course you can travel to Zanjan from most of the railways.


You can travel directly to Zanjan from many Iranian cities. At the same time, Zanjan is located on the corridor northwest of the country and all buses departing from Tehran to the northwestern cities pass through Zanjan. From Zanjan itself to cities like Tehran, Tabriz, Qom and Rasht … Buses are available at different times of the day.

Personal car

The freeway is about three hours to Tehran. The distance between Zanjan and Tehran is about 290 km. This route includes Zanjan-Qazvin and Qazvin-Karaj and Karaj-Tehran highways

Attractions of Zanjan

Chehelsoton Zanjan Mosque

One of the spectacular attractions of Zanjan is the chehelsoton mosque. This historic mosque is located in the upper market of Zanjan. Chehelsoton Mosque was one of the famous mosques in the Qajar dynasty that ruled the seminary. An inscription has been erected on the basement of the building, which was built in 1284. The Chelsoton Mosque has a very large courtyard and a courtyard. The mosque is one of the examples of Qajar architecture.



Zanjan Market

The city’s market is one of the very oldest markets in the city, which began in the 1213 year. The market is linear in both the western and eastern parts. Zanjan market is said to be the longest covered indoor market in Iran. The architecture used in this market is purely Qajar style. In this market you will find goldsmiths, dressers, shoemakers and goats.

Museum of Archeology

One of Zanjan’s most famous attractions is the archeological museum of the city. The city’s archaeological museum has been famous for exactly 72 years since it exhibited the salt man’s body discovered at Chahr abad mine. Of course, the mummified body of 3 other salt men from the Sassanid era are also on display at the museum.

Sheikh Eshraq Boulevard

Sheikh Eshraq Boulevard is named after Shahabuddin Yahya Sohrevardi. This boulevard is known as one of the most beautiful parks in Zanjan and its magnificent statues and have given it a double reputation.

Rakhtshoy Khane Museum

This place that has become a museum nowadays has been where people wash their clothes. The building has been renovated today and other people can visit it as a museum.


Rakhtshoy Khane Museum

Sheys village

This green village is very attractive for tourists and has become especially popular in recent years. The distance of this village to Zanjan is about 126 km. The village dates back to 500 years.