The Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism

Tourism, one of the most important and fastest growing sector has been considered as a vulnerable industry. in comparison to other industries, tourism industry gets more affected due to any shocks or stresses.


Tourism is considered one of the hardest hits by the COVID-19 outbreak. The section is experiencing a rapid and sharp drop in demand.

Despite tourism’s proven resilience in responses to other crisis, the depth and breadth of the current pandemic will likely have a longer lasting effect on international tourism compared to other industries, more likely to recover once major restrictions will be lifted. This is also due to the potential long-term changes in behaviors with people likely to become more cautious about travelling overseas in the future.

But on the other hand, some tourists who visit different countries and continents every year It has been announced that the corona virus will be completely eradicated They will also choose more and newer destinations for tourism.

Where should I travel after the corona virus is destroyed?

Some tourists have chosen Iran for the post-quarantine period.

Why do we travel to Iran after Corona virus?
Why Iran ?

Don’t think iran is a destination for everyone, Iran can be a top choice of many foreign tourists who are fans of camping and eco-tours, fans of historical sites and nature lover.


For those who want to experience something new and exciting.

visiting nomad is strongly recommended. Accommodation in the country varies from luxurious five-star hotels to camping in the jungle!


Listed as one of the hottest travel destinations and is safe, Iran will bounce back quickly once the COVID-19 passes because of many reasons, eight of which are cited below:

hospitality of iranian people

Ancient history of Iran


UNESCO World Heritage sites

Natural beauties

Safe country

Warm country

The state of security in some provinces has been declared safe

Some provinces of Iran have been declared safe and the number of people infected with the coronavirus and those killed has reached zero such as:

County province

East Azarbaijan Azarshahr

East Azerbaijan Esco

East Azerbaijan Bostan Abad

East Azerbaijan Jolfa

God-creating East Azerbaijan

East Azerbaijan Ajab Shir

East Azerbaijan Malekan

East Azerbaijan Harris

East Azerbaijan Horand

West Azerbaijan Poldasht

West Azerbaijan Piranshahr

West Azerbaijan Sardasht

West Azerbaijan Shot

West Azerbaijan Mako

West Azerbaijan Naqdeh

Ardabil Aslanduz

Ardabil Khalkhal

Ardabil Garmi

Ardabil Nir

Fars Abadeh

Fars Arsanjan

Fars Eghlid

Fars Oz

Fars Bakhtegan

Fars Bavanat

Fars Beida

Fars Pasargad

Fars Kharameh

Fars Khorram Bid

Fars Khafr

Fars Khanj

Fars Darab

Fars Rostam

Fars Zarghan

Fars Zarrin Dasht

Fars Sepidan

Fars Sarvestan

Fars Farashband

Fars Firoozabad

Fars bitumen and caries

Fars Kavar

City of the city

Fars Kuhchenar

Fars Lamerd

Fars Mamasani

Fars Mehr

Fars Neyriz

Hormozgan Hormoz