How to rent a car in Iran?

Our beautiful country Iran is one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of tourism and tourist attractions. A country with a four-season climate, with its ancient civilization like a picture book of , is worth seeing and exploring.

Due to all the problems, this issue has caused many enthusiasts and lovers of culture, civilization and climatic and biological diversity of Iran to come to this beautiful land from different countries. Also there are international companies that have many representatives and technicians in Iran and travel to Iran .

Such trips to Iran are mostly made by air, and since Tehran, as the capital, has the most facilities and infrastructure, is selected as the destination and, of course, the first origin of travelers.

One of the infrastructures that is well provided in Tehran airports such as Mehrabad airport and Imam Khomeini airport, through different companies, is renting a rental car, which makes this possible for passengers and even experts and guests of various industries and companies. International allows them to rent a car of their choice to have a convenient and safe trip on the roads of beautiful Iran.

These cars can be accompanied by experienced and technical drivers and familiar with different languages ​​and can sometimes be provided to applicants without a driver.

How is the renting car?

For using services and practical tools in the field of renting vehicles, travelers  should contact with a travel agency or directly with car rental companies in Airports  in big citiess . These companies give them consulting financial services .


 Necessary documents and conditions for renting a car

Requirements and documents required for foreign nationals

1 –  Valid ID card

2 –  Visa and passport of the applicant

3 –  Picture of the applicant’s round trip ticket

4  Certificate

5 – 10%  of car value as deposit (in Rials or other foreign currencies) (for Iranian cars 15% of car value)