Iranian Unique Hospitality

One of the real characteristics of Iranians, who have always been famous among all foreign tourists, is their hospitality, and besides the many attractions of this country, another reason for foreign tourists to visit this country is the hospitality of its people. If you want to get acquainted with the customs of Iranian hospitality, especially in different parts of the country, join us. And continues until moments after the guest leaves. The culture of hospitality among Iranians is full of beauties and special effects that can only be experienced and believed while being present among different ethnic groups. Hospitality of any region of Iran according to the culture and customs of its people They are in the area and each of them receives its guests according to the conditions of the area.

Islam advises hospitality

In Islam, as in the culture and customs of Iran, hospitality and honoring many guests are recommended and there are many hadiths and narrations in this regard. It is also narrated that the guest was “Habib Khoda” (God Love guests) and with his arrival in the house, a lot of blessings came and many blessings were given to the host. It is also stated that the Holy Prophet , Mohammad, taught Hazrat Zahra that a person who believes in God and the Day of Judgment should honor his guest.


Works of hospitality in the history of Iran

The effects of hospitality and hospitality of Iranians can be seen in the buildings and architectural form of old Iranian buildings. In ancient times, buildings and houses had rooms and halls, which were called guest houses and were used to receive guests.

Also, from the past until now, among the beds of all Iranians, there are beds that are special for guests and have been prepared for them.

Hospitality in Persian literature

The hospitality of Iranians in Persian literature and poetry is also well visible in a way that hundreds of verses of poetry have been said in this regard or thousands of lines of its importance have been written. For example, in this regard, it is stated in Qaboos that you should not invite guests to your house every day, because every day you can do half a decent job.

Also in another part of this book, it is stated that when a guest enters the house, go to the reception and greet and greet everyone according to their position. If it is fruit season, bring him fruit before the meal and wait for a while and then take the guest to the table and sit until the guests say, if they say sit down and accompany us, say it is not appropriate to sit down and let me serve and if they say again , Sit down and eat with them and sit below all unless it is a big party and sitting is not possible.

These issues and thousands of other reasons show the importance and position of guests among Iranians and the hospitality of these people.