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Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours


More than 2500 years of shining history which is embracing the memories of one of the most civilized nations of the world, is just a tiny part of Iran’s cultural and historical concept; the one which is now considered as the main purpose of traveling to Iran, known as the former Persia. Traveling to Iran with a cultural tour is not just an exploration experience, it’s the one which will let you know the brilliant facts about the untouched Iran; the one which will provide you with the chance of being in touch with one one most unique societies of the world; the one which will render you with the chance of visiting some of the world’s most fascinating historical monuments which are mostly registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites; the one which is named IRAN, the land of beauties.


History and culture are two of the most characters of Iranian tourism concept; this is why the majority of the tours to Iran are being done in this context; the one which is all about rare historical monuments which are dedicated to different dynasties who have been in Iran at former ages; about culture of Iranian people, the way they live, work, cook ,eat and etc. Cultural tours of Iran will be done within the golden route of Iran’s tourism which is known as the classical route which will move you through the majority of Iran’s most important monuments and cities.


This specific kinds of tours are mostly starting from Tehran, the capital city of the country, and end in the same city or the others like Shiraz and Isfahan. Cultural tours can be executed from 5 days to 21 days; it means that this kind of tours is so flexible to be executed within different part of the country, with different types of the services and different prices; so, Fantastic Iran Travel is so willing to design your specific classical tour based on what you do exactly require. The only required matter is just to let us know what you’re exactly looking for, the rest will be done by our travel consultants.


Lets get back to the main concept and providing you with more details about this specific tour type. Iran Cultural tours, as mentioned before, are mostly starting from Tehran in order to let you see the main attractions of the city which located in two different regions, one part is located in the central part of the city which is the older part as well and the other is located in the northern part of the city. The next destination which so popular among Iran lovers and is located near Tehran, is the city of Kashan, where is known as the land of historical houses. The next destination is Isfahan, where is home of the rare UNESCO World Heritage site of Imam Mosque, the world’s second greatest square and some other rare attraction which have been made and constructed based on the amazing historical architecture of Iran in islamic ages. The next destination is the city of Shiraz, where is embracing the majority of Iran’s highlighted attractions from the world most outstanding mosque, The Pink Mosque, to Persepolis, one of the most wealthy UNESCO World Heritage sites of the world,.


Although we have tried to inform you about different cities of Iran which are the main attractions of the cultural tours, but this extended has many other highlights that you can read about them in destinations part of this website.


Fantastic Iran Travel is honored to provide you with high quality services through the cultural tours, just send us an inquiry, we’ll provide you with the entire details.

Cultural Tours