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Eco & Adventure Tours

Eco and adventure tours:

Usually each region or country only has few (one or two) aspects making it unique for adventurous people to visit. For instance, most countries in the Middle East are only great for dessert trekking and safari, but Thanks to the diversity of the nature in Iran (few countries have sea, mountain range, dessert, massive jungle, coral island all together).adventurers and tourists can experience a fabulous time during their travel to Iran. For example, In April and May you can experience 60 centigrade of temperature difference between Khal-Khal in Ardabil province and the Lut dessert in Kerman province. Although it might seem unbelievable, Iran consists of almost all natural biomes and animal species.

In the following, we take a quick look at some attractive destinations and tours for adventurers. For more information, contact our professional consultant team.

Mountain climbing tour: because of many high peaks like Mount Damavand (5609 m height), Sahand, Sabalan, Dena, Shir-Kuh, Alam-Kuh, etc., there is great opportunity for adventurers and mountain climbers to conquer inaccessible mountains in Iran.

Ski tour:

Thanks to the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges, skiing and winter sports are available roughly for four months in Iran’s ski resorts. Affordability, high quality in services, well-geographical location, etc. make Iran’s ski resorts one of the most populated destinations in winter.

Nomad tour:

The two main desserts in Iran, the Lut dessert and the Kavir dessert, provide a great opportunity for trekking, safari, observing stars, and resting in complete silence. Adventurers can also experience the hottest place in the world in Ghandom-Beriyan, the Lut dessert.

Jungle camping tour:

The oldest jungle and one of the massive jungles in the Asia (called ‘Hirkani’) exists adjacent to the Caspian Sea. There is a great opportunity to camp for several days, enjoying observing pristine plant and animal species, exploring untouched places by yourself, and gaining marvelous memories.

Some other tours held by Fantastic Iran Travel:

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III.                extreme sports tour

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V.                  Bird observing tour:




Eco & Adventure Tours