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General Information About Kermanshah

Kermanshah is one of the oldest civilized areas in the world (oldest in The Middle East) and the home of the people who create several villages like ‘Tepe-Sheykhi-Abad’ in Kortavij (eleven thousand years ago) and ‘Tepe-Ghanj-Da’are’ (more than ten thousand years ago) in Harsin, Kermanshah province.

Because of its strategic location, fertile plains, and several rivers, Kermanshah has always been a significant area, from Elam civilization until now.

Kermanshah is located in the west of Iran and has a common border with Iraq. The whole city is surrounded by several mountains. Based on historical inscriptions found, this area was called ‘Karmaiesiaie’, then ‘Karmashiaie’. After the Arab invasion, its name changed to ‘Qermisin’, and lastly, ‘Kermanshahn’.

The history of currant Kermanshah city dates back to Zand daynasty. It was construted along three different rivers (‘Ghare-Sou’ is the main and largest one.) Each section of Kermanshah province has a different climate, for instance the northern part has a mountainous climate while the southern part has an arid climate. The climate is mild in the west and the east of Kermanshah province.

This province has a rich wildlife, and most Iranian species live there, but some of them are endangered.

Note: Some of Iranian provinces have the same name as their capital, like Kermanshah. The capital of Kermanshah province is Kermanshah city.

Kermanshah’s local food and sweets:

Kurdish people are great in the field of cooking. ‘Dande-Kebab’ (local people called it ‘Dane-Kebvo’) and ‘Khorosht-Khalal’ are two of popular local foods that satisfy anybody’s taste. *‘Dandeh-Kebab’ is little expensive.

There are several sweets cooked in Kermanshah, like ‘Nan-Berenji’, ‘Nan-Khormaii’, ‘Kak’, etc., each of which is worth a try.

Some notes:

  1. Kermanshah province has great sites for glider and parachuting sports, like ‘Weis’, and ‘Do-Shakh’ which is in Kermanshah city.
  2. Some of the best rock climbing sites in the Middle East are located in Kermanshah province, and each year many athletes take part in the climbing festival held in Kermanshah.
  • Each year a pomegranate festival is held in Paveh district and attracts many tourists from Iran and other countries.
  1. There is great opportunity for those who are looking for cultural tours. ‘Pir-Shaliyar’ is an amazing festival showing the exact traditions of Kurdish people, and there is chance of seeing the biggest ‘Tanbor playing’ convention there (Tanbor is a Kurdish musical instrument only singing in Kurdish region.)
  2. Kurdish people (especially the people of Kermanshah) are welcoming and friendly; most of them are eager to say hello to tourists and help them as much as they can.

Very important historical sites (VIHS) in Kermanshah province:

  1. Bistun
  2. Taq-Wa-San
  3. Zij-E-Majijeh
  4. Khosrow palace
  5. Anahita temple
  6. Sassanid plates
  7. Ano-Banini
  8. Rijab historical complex
  9. Godin-Tepe
  10. Several historical caravansaries and bridges

Tourist attractions in Kermanshah city:

  1. Tekiyeh-Moaven-Al-Molk
  2. Tekiyeh-Biglar-Beyghi
  3. Shafeii mosque
  4. Historical Bazaar of Kermanshah called ‘Eslami Bazaar’
  5. Haj-Shah-Baz-Khan bath
  6. Haj-Shah-Baz-Khan mosque
  7. Shahi bank
  8. Emad-Al-Doleh mosque

Some amazing natural sites:

  1. ‘Qori-Ghaleh’ cave
  2. ‘Bistun’ protected area
  3. Palm gardens in ‘Qasre-Shirin’
  4. ‘Noudeshe’ and ‘Pave’ forest
  5. ‘Parou’ peak

Transportation in Kermanshah:

Only bus and taxi are available in Kermanshah’s transportation system.

Bus services are poor and almost insufficient, but taxis are useful and found in every corner of the city in abundance; their fares are cheap, and almost all of them are yellow. Spot and Snap are also available.