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Kish Island


General Information About Kish

Unique nature, pure water, coral sandy beaches, inimitable tranquility, and outstanding tourist attractions make Kish Island the pearl of the Persian Gulf. Situated 19 km off the mainland from the Persian Gulf, you can find this beautiful and touristic resort within an area of 90 square kilometers. It is located in the northeast of the Persian Gulf, Bandar-e-Lengeh County, Hormozgan province. Its coastline is among the safest around the world. Kish Island is one of the most-traveled destinations in the Middle East, attracting about two millions of sea lovers annually. This elliptical island does not have any permanent river. Instead, it has a lot of groundwater resources. It is located in an arid and hot part of Iran, with long hot summers and short moderate winters. Most of the time, its weather is hot and humid. In summers, its humidity reaches a peak (sometimes around 100%). The annual rainfall rate in Kish is low (around 190 mm), and it is more likely to occur in winters in the form of shower. Due to the weather changes, the best time to travel to Kish is from late January to mid-April; during this period of time, the weather is enjoyable and lovely. Based on historical researches, Kish Island (known as Kamtira, Arakia, and Qis in ancient times) was a part of Persia in the Achaemenian, Parthian, and Sassanian times. The island was economically linked with Medes Civilization and Persians. Kish experienced a flourishing time during the Seljuq dynasty, and it became the largest commercial center of the Persian Gulf. Kish was announced as the first free-trade zone of Iran in 1982. Thanks to its free trade and tax-free status, it is called the paradise of consumers. Many domestic and foreign travelers visit Kish to purchase different duty-free goods. Products with high quality are sold in low prices in Kish. There are many large shopping centers and malls that satisfy any need.

  1. Paradise I International Mall
  2. Paradise II International Mall
  3. Zaytoon International Mall
  4. Morvarid International Mall
  5. Venus International Mall
  6. Marjon International Mall
  7. Kish Trade Center

Kish Island attracts many tourists because of its unique nature, lovely beach, and interesting water sports and entertainments such as scuba diving and snorkeling (recognized as one of the best in The Middle East), jet skiing, wind surfing, and parasailing. Note: All the water sport facilities follow Islamic rules, so female tourists can only swim in women-only beaches. (Ladies’ Pledge) Other wonderful tourist attractions are:

  1. Kish Dolphin & Crocodile Park
  2. Ocean Water Park
  3. Kish Aquarium
  4. Horror Castle
  5. Coral Gardens
  6. Bird Park
  7. Greek Ship
  8. Underground Town of Kariz
  9. The Ancient Town of Harireh
  10. Recreational Pier
  11. Anthropology House of Kish Island

Transportation: Airplane Kish International Airport: There are several flights to Tabriz, Shiraz, Tehran, Ahvaz, and other major cities of Iran. The airport offers almost daily flights to Tehran. Tourists can access Dubai and Muscat via this airport. Note: At Kish International Airport, your passport will be stamped by the officials. You are allowed to stay there up to 14 days. Train There is no railroad station in Kish Island. But if you are enthusiastically interested in travelling by train, you can access Bandar Abbas by train and reach the island through Bandar Lengeh, Charak, or Aftab ports by ferry or aircraft. Boat You can use Ferries and Speedboats to travel between Kish and the ports of Charak or Lengeh. It is not the safest way, but you will enjoy it.