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Health Tourism

Iran is home of the medical science all over the world, where the best doctors of the world are living, working and helping the other people to have a better life; this is why Iran is welcoming to thousands of travelers who have picked Iran as the destination to do the treatments, both for the high quality services and the unbelievably affordable prices. This unique country is where to experience both modern medical science and the traditional ones, which are mainly about the way to interact with the nature. Counting on massive developments in medical facilities, advanced and high quality medical services by the really reasonable prices and the great geographical position; IRAN is becoming an extraordinarily specific destination offering medical and healthcare services. Seeking for the advanced medical facilities and services may seem a justifiable reason to travel to the USA and the European countries which will impose giant expenses; this why Fantastic Iran Travel is going to introduce Iran as a pioneer destination in medical tourism.


From the most advanced and specialized neurosurgeries or cardiac surgeries to the most precise beauty surgeries, Iran is honored to provide the medical and health care services of the other highlighted countries in terms of medical sciences, by the lower and more responsible prices within Iranian hospitals and clinics which are equipped with the latest medical technologies, physicians and nurses. To be rendered by this specific type of services, the patient doesn’t need to wait for a long time, as Iran possesses enough high quality hospitals to provide the patient whenever needed.


Not only the advanced country of Iran is offering the medical and healthcare services in cardiology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, neurology, dermatology, gynecology/obstetrics, orthopedics, organ transplantation and otolaryngology, but also is offering hot springs and mineral waters to be used as the traditional medicines. As the most notable therapeutic hot spring of Iran, “Sar’eyn” in Ardabil province has a world wide fame. As one of the interesting phenomenons of Iran’s tourism, spa has always been mentioned by the travelers who have visited Iran for the specific medical purposes. The more to be aware of the curative sides of Iranian mineral waters and hot springs, the more travelers have been traveled to Iran in order to take bath in mineral water pools for different types of skin diseases , nervous calmative and etc.


Although the majority of Iranian cities posses many great hospitals which are equipped by the latest medical facilities and technologies, the main medical centers of Iran are Tehran (the capital) , Shiraz and Mashhad. Not only great hospitals, but also fantastically expert physicians and nurses have made the medical concept of these three cities more and more specialized. In addition to an undeniable medical superiority of Tehran, Shiraz and Mashhad; they are the main Iran’s tourism attractions which can form unforgettable moments within your travel to Iran.


As one of the other  significances of Iran medical services, in general Health Tourism, visa process simplifications are so highlighted to be considered as the government is trying to let the patient and travelers come inside the country with less difficulties.