As one of the most pioneer destinations of the Middle-East, Iran is a new destination for the western travelers who are looking for a new experience, accordingly, Iranian government is paying a considerable attention to the tourism, related facilities and also rules and regulations. Visa is one of the most important rules which directly in contact with the easiness of traveling to Iran for the travelers who have planned to travel to this destination within groups or individual travelers; this is why the Iranian tourism organization has planned to provide the possibility of applying for the visa through an online basis. In this article, Fantastic Iran Travel is going to provide you with some informations about Iran electronic visa, but before it, its critical to know which countries are not allowed to go through the online visa and also which countries doesn’t need the visa to enter the country of Iran.

Citizens of United Kingdom,Canada,United States, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Colombia, Jordan,Pakistan; are not allowed for the electronic visa while the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt and Malaysia doesn’t need the visa.

How to apply for Iran Electronic Visa?

Based on what we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is going to be all about the way to go through the electronic visa of Iran. The process is really more easier than making a coffee! You just need to go to the below link which is the official website of Iran visa to fill the application form of your visa:

Not only for the tourist visa, the whole other types including Work, Treatment, Press, Student, Family, and Investment visas, can be submitted from this website ,immigrant visa is excluded,.

The procedure works within some steps: as soon as submitting the visa application in the mentioned website, your documents which have been uploaded into the website and attached to the application form will be sent to the ministry of foreign affairs of Iran; and then you should wait for 5-7 working days to receive the feedback, the one which will be given to you as a pdf document embracing your identical information in addition to a reference code. You should have this document with yourself for when you want to to collect your visa at the collection point.

Where is the collection point?

Collection point is where the applicant has declared within the application form of the visa according to collect the visa, it can be an Iranian embassy or consulate in the origin country or one of the below international airports of Iran:

  • Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Tehran Mehrabad Airport
  • Shiraz
  • Esfahan
  • Mashad
  • Tabriz

In addition to the online visa, Fantastic Iran Travel is allowed to provide you with the in advance visa which has nothing to do with yourself as our consultants do fill your application form based on the standard to make the rejecting rate as low as possible; so, just let us know whether you want our help or not.