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Iran Hotels

Iran Hotels

Traveling to a country, tourists look for enjoyable and relaxing times. Not only during their sightseeing, but also while resting in hotels. It is a fact that the satisfaction of hotels and accommodations will have a direct influence on the satisfaction of the trip to a country. With the development of tourism industry in Iran, the quality of hotels has also increased.

Nowadays around thousands of different hotels and hostels are available in Iran. Choosing your favorite hotel in Iran, you face a wide range of services and styles, from new-built modern hotels to outstanding traditional ones.

Although Iranian hotels are ranked by the star rating system, you may feel that they are ranked a little different than the world standards. However, this difference is not so vast. Hotels in Iran are classified into 2 major categories.

  1. Traditional hotels: If you look for a memorable residence in Iran, traditional hotels are highly recommended. They are outstanding houses with special Persian architecture and traditional decoration run by modern facilities. They are common in historical and major cities like Yazd, Isfahan, and Kashan.
  1. Modern hotels: Like other countries, there exist modern hotels, from 1 star clean hotels to luxury 4 and 5 star hotels. Based on their price and services, they are categorized into four groups:
  2. Cheap hotels.
  3. Budget hotels.
  • Mid-rage hotels.
  1. Luxury hotels.

In spite of the wide usages of Internet in Iran, no online system of hotel reservation is available. So you cannot compare the facilities and prices of different hotels to each other. Therefore, it is recommended to book a hotel by a reliable travel agency. The staff of Iranian hotels are completely friendly and helpful; most of them can speak English. There are modern 5 star hotels in almost all province capitals.

Some important notes about hotels in Iran:

  1. The hotels mainly work with Iranian cash. However, some of them accept Euro or Dollar.

Tip: Do not forget that foreign debit cards like master card or visa card are not accepted in Iranian hotels.

  1. The services of Iranian hotels are offered according to the Islamic law. So, some services like alcoholic drinks are not provided in their bars.
  2. There is another kind of traditional residence in Iran called Eghamat-gah-e-Bomghardi (boutique houses or traditional houses). They are built by the reconstruction of old unique houses in villages or small cities. They offer services in low prices and are run by local people. You can test the delicious local food there.
  3. Some famous hotels in Iran:
  4. Traditional Hotels: Moshir-Al-Mamalek’s hotel, Abbasi hotel, Malk-o-Tojjar hotel.
  5. Modern hotels: Darvishi hotel, Espines place hotel, Chamran Grand hotel.

Iran Hotels

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