Undoubtedly the best souvenir that tourists can take with themselves are unforgettable memories and photos, but Iran has several unique handicrafts and delicious sweets which usually tourists take them as souvenir.

Each region in Iran has its own souvenirs with specific features.

Iranian souvenirs are mostly divided into two groups:

  1. Handicraft: Iranian handicrafts have high quality because, with the passage of time (since the first civilized people in 9000 B.C.), the art techniques used in them have been gradually improving until now, You can find your favorite handicraft with the highest quality that is appropriate to take as souvenir.

Several popular handicrafts among tourists in detail:

Persian Rug: evidences show that the production of the first Persian rug dates backs to Sassanid era. Made from mainly wool and silk and colored by natural dyes, most Persian rugs are woven by tribes and nomads, and each region has its own unique pattern and formula for weaving rugs.

Note: discoverer of ‘Pazyryk’ (the oldest carpet found in the world) believe that this carpet was produced by Achaemenids.

Persian rugs are divided into three type:

  1. Farsh or Qali bigger than 6×4 meters
  2. Qalicheh smaller than 6×4 meters
  • Gelim ‘nomadic carpet that has several types’

Note: Persian silk rugs are quite expensive.

Some cities are famous for their rugs, like Tabriz, Isfahan, Kashan, etc.

Pottery: the history of earthenware and pottery in Iran dates back to at least 4000 B.C. (some archeologists believe it dates back to 8000 B.C in ‘Tepeh Ganj Dare’, Kermanshah province.) ‘Sialk’, ‘Zageh’, ‘Jiroft’ are some of the first places in which pottery and earthenware designing developed.

Iranian potteries and vessels are among those of the highest quality in the world, and usually tourists pick these fabulous handicrafts as souvenir.

‘Laleh-Jin’ in Hamedan province, ‘Harsin’ in Kermanshah province, ‘Kashan’ in Isfahan province, and Yazd are famous for this kind of handicraft.

Note: handicrafts of this kind are fragile and need high protection during the transport.

Some of the following handicrafts are only made in Iran and have root in Iranian culture, like tile working and calligraphy.

  1. Termeh:
  2. Inlaid work:
  • Engraving:
  1. Calico:
  2. Miniature painting:
  3. Tile working:
  • Calligraphy:
  • Persian painting:
  1. Silver work
  2. Wood carving:
  3. Marquetry:
  • …..

All of these handicrafts are worth to take as souvenir.

Note: some handicrafts are only made in specific areas, like ‘Khatam-Kari’ (Iranian Marquetry) which is only found in Shiraz and Isfahan.

  1. Sweets: Iranian sweets are usually appealing to anybody’s taste and leave unforgettable memories for anybody. Many tourists buy several types of Iranian sweets as souvenir.

Some famous Iranian sweets:

  1. Masqati
  2. Gotab
  • Gaz
  1. Nan-Berenji
  2. Nan-Khormai
  3. Polaki
  • Baqlava
  • Kak
  1. Nan-Youkhe
  2. Sohan
  3. Samano
  • Beji
  • Koloche
  • Haji-Badom
  1. …..

Note: be aware that these delicious sweets are quite fatty; do not be too extravagant with sweets.