Iran covers a vast area (roughly one and a half million square kilometers), and it encompasses several different climates (arid, semi-arid, tropical, frost, severe frost, mild and moderate).

The diversity of animal species in Iran is wide because of its appropriate climate for wildlife, diverse climates, vast area, fertile plains, pristine nature, etc. so, there are many protected areas in Iran. For instance, more than one third of whole bird species (five hundred different bird species) in the world are observed in Iran’s protected areas.

Note: each year, many tours are held only for visiting rare bird species.

Iran’s nature can satisfy anybody’s demand because many different climates and biomes exist in Iran. Beside, Iran’s wildlife is so rich that and only too well options for those who are interested in wildlife.

The common believe about Iran is that it is covered totally with desert and has an arid climate. The fact, however, is completely different. Less than one fourth of Iran is covered with desert and has arid climate. Also, more than three percent of its lands has tropical climate and is covered with a massive, unreachable jungle called Hirkani.

Some aspects of Iran’s nature are unique. As a case in point, the hottest place in the world is located in ‘Dashte-Lut’ (Lut Desert) with 159 F of temperature in Kerman province. The highest volcanic mountain in Asia and highest mountain in the Middle East, e.g. Damavand Mt (5610 m high) is located in Mazandaran province. Imagine, you can experience more than 50 centigrade of heat difference in one country! Of course, it is only a little part of the amazing nature of Iran. Do not hesitate to travel to these fabulous, pristine spots, and gain your own experience in Iran’s nature.

Because of volcanic mountain ranges in the Iran Plateau, Iran has many thermal springs, each of which is used for medical purposes, and each year many tourists visit Iran’s thermal spring

Some of the thermal spring in Iran:

‘Ghave-Mish-Gholi’ in sa’areyn, Ardabil province, ‘Borjlu’ in Ardabil province, ‘Ferdows’ in southern Khorasan province, ‘Shabil’ in Ardabil province, ‘Khamir’ ‘Khurgho’ in Hormozghan province, etc.

Thanks to the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges many high peaks (almost more than 3000 m) like Dena, Zard-Kuh, Alam-kuh, Sabalan, Sahand, Damavand, Shir-Kuh, Dalahu, Kharman-Kuh, etc. exist, and many of them have ski resort.

You can enjoy winter sports in these resorts for several day, like Polad-Kaf ski resort, Tochal ski resort, Shemshak and Dizin ski resort, Alvares ski resort, etc.

Only few places in the world exist that are the confluence of desert and ocean. That is another marvelous aspect of Iran’s nature. You can visit these sites in Darak village, Sistan-o-Balochestan province.

Some natural sites that are worth visiting. Do not miss these places!

  1. Tang-e-Shirez in Lorestan province
  2. Tang-e Bashi in Tehran province
  • Pink lake in Sistan-o-Balochestan
  1. Masal and Siyah-Kal in Gilan province
  2. Urmia Lake in Azerbaijan province
  3. Caspian Sea and Hirkani jungle in Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan provinces
  • Shahdad desert in Kerman province
  • Jen desert in Semnan province
  1. Tang-e-Raghez in Fars province
  2. Gel-Afshan in Chabahar district
  3. Coral coastline in Kish island
  • ….

In every corner of Iran, you can find fabulous and unique natural aspects like diverse plant species, animal species, diversity in climate, etc. Seize this opportunity, and experience undiscovered spots in Iran’s nature; be sure that you will not regret.