Iran has many special attractions that in addition to religious and medical tourism, has many natural and historical monuments and is one of the unique countries in the world that in addition to all historical and medical assets, etc. due to its cheapness is of interest to many foreign tourists. .

Tourism is one of the fundamental and infrastructural industries that plays a significant role in the economic development of countries to the extent that it is considered as one of the main sources of income; In some countries, such as Iran, tourism has received serious attention in recent years, and with the creation of infrastructure, this low-cost industry has been considered as an opportunity to earn income, create jobs and currency in the country.

Therefore, due to the fact that foreign tourists generally travel to different parts of the world with specific goals such as familiarity with new languages, different cultures, artistic and historical masterpieces, tasting the food of different nations, and so on. Iran’s talented tourism and anthropological potential, including a variety of delicious local cuisine, unique indigenous accommodation in rural areas, and unique natural, historical, and ancient attractions, will in itself attract the attention of any tourist. But despite unfair sanctions by foreign countries to make the region insecure; Iran succeeded in proving the security and cheapness of its presence in Iran for tourists, and in a short period of time succeeded in achieving good growth in the field of tourism.

According to a new report by the World Tourism Organization, Iran is the second fastest-growing country in terms of foreign tourist attraction after Ecuador, as Iran is a cheap and very convenient destination. Iran’s tourism, which hosted a total of 4.867 million foreign tourists in 2017, in 2018 was able to increase this figure to 7.295 million with 49.9% growth, the fastest after Ecuador with a growth of 51%. Record the growth among the countries of the world in attracting tourists in its name.

Undoubtedly, several factors have contributed to this growth, the most important of which may be the cheapness of travel to Iran. Therefore, Iran is currently one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world. And this situation has attracted more and more tourists to our country and that cheapness is basically an effective advantage.

Today, tourism is one of the most important issues in the lifestyles of citizens of all societies; So that tourism has affected various aspects of life, especially the economy, and has been able to be an important source for the prosperity of countries’ economies. Therefore, the cost of travel (cheap travel) will also play an important role in making decisions for travel enthusiasts in any stratum.

In this regard, the Austrian ambassador in Tehran recently introduced Iran as the cheapest tourist destination at a conference on sustainable tourism symposium focusing on nature tourism and said: “Research shows that sustainability in the field of tourism can bring a high level of peace.” Iran is also a country with a rich culture and literature, art and poetry in the world.

Research in the field of tourism at the University of Science and Culture has given about the advantage of cheap Iran to turn our country’s many attractions into tourist destinations, which discusses the cheapness of Iran as a tourist destination as an advantage. Iran is considered a cheap country for many Arab countries as well as European countries in many ways. The issue of cheapness in tourism is not the same as the issue of cheapness in a series of physical goods, that is, in physical goods, the price of cheapness can be interpreted as meaning its low quality; But in tourism this is different.

On the other hand, in general, incoming tourists in Iran are divided into two groups apart from the issue of cheapness. One group is Arab countries and the other group is Europeans. The reason for this division is due to the selected destinations for tourism, in the sense that they are different in terms of purpose, characteristics, and so on. Economically, it requires different planning. Tourists from Arab countries who often come to our country for religious reasons or for tourism or entertainment or treatment, on the other hand, European tourists who come to Iran for the purpose of getting acquainted with culture, history and civilization are different, so one of the concerns of all They pay for their travel.

It is here that being cheap can help this group of tourists. With the arrival of tourists, especially tourists, we can display our mirrors, culture and traditions. Despite the low and actually cheap costs in Iran and the rich culture and civilization of our country, Iran is a suitable destination for different groups of tourists.

Iran in general is culturally rich and each region has its own history, culture and traditions, and according to different occasions, different rituals are held in different regions: for example in regions such as Kashan, Zanjan and Yazd on the days of Tasua And Ashura or Arbaeen, along with religious rituals, also held traditional rituals. Currently, according to the World Tourism Organization, 30 to 33% of global tourism is related to cultural tourism, and Iran, as a country with a rich and cheap culture, can attract many tourists.

The low price of tourism in Iran is not a sign of its weakness; It is an opportunity to attract more tourists and also to introduce the rich culture of Iran.