Iran has always been safe for any tourist who travels to Iran .

All travelers are surprised by the contradiction between the real Iran and the image of this country in the mass media.

From the scenic nature to more than hundreds of cultural sites encourage the tourists  to want to know more and visit Iran. So be sure that Inside Iran is too different  with the picture that mass media make of Iran .

Should be concerned about  safety in Iran when travel to this country?

Definitely NO!

According to the 2020 Travel Risk Map, Iran same as Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and etc, is listed in the Medium Risk category . It is the words of many travelers who visited Iran, that everything that  has been shown in the 2019 Travel Risk Map are true about safety of Iran.

In travel risk map ,factors like political violence, social unrest as well as violent and petty crime to determine the risk of traveling to every country in the world and Other factors, such as the robustness of the transport infrastructure, the state of industrial relations, the effectiveness of the security and emergency services, and the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters are also considered.  Women will generally have no issues when it comes to safety. It means that same as many countries, women can also travel to Iran alone.


The beginning of the flight of planes over Safe Iran!

According the EU aviation risk assessment group  on January 2020, they announced that it was repealing its provisional recommendation not to fly over Iran. So expected that European airlines will start flying over Iran soon.



New Updates After Covid-19 for more safety situation

It must be added that with starting the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation in Iran and all of the world has been changed.

Right now, and after months, the spread of Coronavirus started to rise, and non-essential travels between the countries are not suggested yet. But in current situation , there is no need to say that health protocols and guidelines are needed to be observed seriously to avoid getting infected by the unwelcomed virus. Start planning your trip to safe Iran now.