In order to choose a destination for a trip, in addition to the interest of people, they usually ask
some questions that somehow they have same inside. For example: what are the beauty of the
destination waiting for me? What are new cultures that I will experience? What kind of people I
will face? What are the rules and the risks that I will have? In some destinations the question is
more important and more serious. Questions like: Is there anything that threaten my life? Is
there a safe place to travel? I will be safe there?
With some inconvenient occurrences and incident that have taken place in Middle East in
recent years, for those who want to travel to these region, unfortunately the most important
question is about safety. So many tourists refuse to travel to this region or Don’t think it’s
logical to travel in these period of time and avoid it. But in some cases, what you have heard is
very different from the reality.
In this content we want to discuss about one of the biggest issues and somehow a major
challenge for those travelers who want to travel to Iran. After 1979 revolution in Iran, so many
controversial or unhappy news has been released on many different media about Iran and has
affected global image of Iran and introduced it as a dangerous place which sponsored terrorists
and is really insecure area. Unfortunately, in these 40 past years, there have been unpleasant
incidents that sparked these thoughts. In addition, Iran’s government policies and global
policies and media’s propaganda against Iran strengthened these thoughts. But you shouldn’t
forget one important thing, and that is all these arguments are among politicians and
governments, and people should be separated from them.
At first, when you think about traveling to Iran, it seems like a big risk. Really “How would I
travel to Iran with all the bad news I hear?” and somehow it seems really logical. But if you are
so passionate about traveling to Iran, assuming you know about its beauty, diverse weather and
unique art and architecture, and you are convinced that you surely want to travel to Iran and
there is only one thing that concerns you and its security. The solution is to investigate. Ask
tourists who have traveled to Iran and ask them to share their experiences with you and also
explore about Iranian people’s culture. After that you will change your mind.
Here are some important things to consider:

Iranian culture will surprise you

Iranian culture is really rich and beautiful. One of the beauties is the respect and consideration
they have for guests. There has been a belief among the Iranian people that the guest should
be respected and has a very special place. There is even a saying that “Guest is God beloved
ones”. Even in old days, in Iranian architecture, the best room in house and the best place in a
house were especially for guests and they called it gust house. So hospitality is somehow
rooted in Iranian people beliefs.

Tourists who travel to Iran considered as a guest in people’s mind and they regarded by open
arms and hospitality. Let’s be logical, no one can guarantee that nothing bad happens or there
won’t be any crimes, there are people who commit crimes like in any other country and the
risks are like traveling to any other country. But it is different about tourist. If you ask tourists
who’ve had traveled to Iran, surely you’re being told that they were amazed at the hospitality
that people has or point out about times they were asked to stay in people’s houses or sharing
foods with them and all that comes back to people’s beliefs.

Islam, hijab and prohibition

Many people who traveled to Iran may describe taking hijab or prohibition like drinking alcohol
as the hardship they had. It should be noted that Iran is a state with Islamic laws. We don’t say
that it’s fair but it is the country’s law. Where eve you travel there would be unfair laws that
you have to adhered. Don’t make a mistake. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a long black
dress or burqa that you may have seen on TV. A scarf would be ok.


Like all other countries, you can go to the police when needed and use their help when
something unpleasant happened. In recent year, the cities that have many tourist, like Isfahan
and Shiraz, have tourism police and it’s a huge help for them. The tourism police guide tourists,
consider their complaints and provide security for tourists.


If you only concerned about security to travel to Iran, we tell you not to worry. Of course,
traveling to Iran like traveling to any other countries, have risks and hardships, but be sure
traveling to Iran will give you so much pleasure and elegant memories that will drastically
diminish its hardship. By knowing rules, culture and how to deal with people, you will have a
memorable journey.