The Kurds are the most noble Iranian people 

The life of the “Cardo” people is 2,000 BC

Kurdistan is a very large geographical territory, including the Kurdish regions of Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Armenia and Azerbaijan, all of which were part of Iran in the past, and now Kurdistan province is a small part of this geographical area.

There are numerous and scattered archeological sites and historical sites in the province from prehistoric times to the Islamic era, all of which confirm the long history of Kurdistan province, especially since the founders of the first powerful and noble Iranian government were the ancestors of modern Kurds.

Ancient history

The Kurds are of Iranian descent and are the main survivors of the Medes. After entering the Zagros, the Persian Medes settled the native tribes there, namely the Cassians and Lulubis in Lorestan, other Asian tribes, and spread their Persian language in the region.


Kordish people, Noble and ancient

The Iranian Kurdish people are among the ethnic groups living in Iran in the northeastern and western parts of the country.  Environment and nature of the Kurdish people is one of the most beautiful areas in Iran. The pristine and unique nature of this region with its lush plains and special and beautiful vegetation dazzles the eyes of tourists. It can be boldly said that the most beautiful natural landscapes can be seen in this area. The most pristine mountainous natural areas and colorful clusters and a variety of rare and beautiful animals can be found in this area.

The Kurdish region is mostly mountainous.  Due to its mountainous nature, the Kurdish regions are covered with snow in winter, and in late spring and throughout the summer, they are covered with greenery and look like a green carpet.

Kurdish language; To the sweetness of the mother seal

One of the sweetest Iranian dialects is Kurdish, which has been given an unforgettable beauty by the combination of sounds. Even if you are not familiar with this language and do not understand its meaning well, you will still enjoy this beautiful dialect.

The Kurdish language has a wide range and includes three categories: North or Kurmanji, Middle or Sorani and South or Kalhori. In many foreign areas of Iran, such as Iraq, Kurdish is spoken alongside Arabic.



The religion of the majority of the Kurdish people is Islam. Most Muslim Kurds are Sunni and follow Shafi’i jurisprudence. The majority of Kurds in Azerbaijan and Kurds in Kurdistan are also Sunnis. In some areas, such as the eastern parts of Kurdistan province, in the cities of Bijar and Qorveh, Shiite Kurds also live. The Kurdish people in Kermanshah province also have a variety of Sunni and Shiite religions.



Every nation and every city has its own customs and traditions. These traditions sometimes have ancient roots that are held for special reasons with special ceremonies. One of the most attractive parts of travel, and mainly tourism, is dealing with these customs and traditions, which are also very popular among travelers. The customs of each people provide a lot of information about the people of that people, some of their beliefs and attitudes.

One of the most beautiful traditions and customs of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan is the “Boke Baran” ceremony. This ceremony is held in times of drought and rainy days. Boke means doll. The young girls of the village make dolls out of two pieces of cloth and wear clothes made of colored fabrics and make headbands for these dolls. Then they walk through the alleys and read poetry. The locals sprinkle water on the dolls when it rains in the streets with the intention of watering and plenty of wheat. Then the dolls are taken to the village shrine and thrown into the water or burned. In some areas of Sanandaj, the ceremony is called “Bokeh Baran”, “Bokeh Chovineh” and the same ceremony is performed with a wooden doll inside the cradle.

If you are lucky and travel to Kurdistan at the right time, you can see this beautiful traditional ceremony up close. One of the beautiful and pleasant traditions on religion days in the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, which is held in the month of Rajab, a variety of votive food is cooked, including soup.

Other details

Nowruz has a different mood among the Kurdish people. In Iranian mythology, the emergence of Nowruz has been attributed to the enthronement of Jamshid. But among the Kurds, this possibility has been given to the story of Kaveh Ahangar and Zahak. On the first day of spring, people light a fire on the mountains and rejoice on the occasion of the victory of Kaveh Ahangar. If you would like to see the Nowruz celebrations of the people of the Kurdish region up close and immerse yourself in the joy and applause and their colorful clothes, be sure to choose Nowruz and the first of Farvardin to go there.

The Semno Pezan ceremony has been held in Kurdish areas since mid-March and has its own special atmosphere.Another beautiful tradition in the spring, among these tribes, is that people used to walk to the mountains early in the morning and take some flour with them. They turn the flour into a dough and dip the bunches in it. Then they return to the village and install the dough and flowers on their houses. The belief in this beautiful tradition is that spring comes home and brings good and blessings.

Kurdish dress; A manifestation of art and beauty

One of the most beautiful local costumes among the Iranian tribes is the costume of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people’s clothing is a mixture of color and beauty, and in terms of beauty, coverage and variety of designs and colors, it has won first place in several different international festivals.

Kurdish clothing dates back to ancient times, and if we want to refer to the oldest Kurdish clothing, we must find it on the reliefs of the Achaemenid period.Kurdish folk costumes consist of a combination of several costumes with their own letters. Men’s and women’s clothing are known by different parts and special letters.

Kurdish souvenirs; A combination of souvenirs and lasting flavors

Kurdistan has a variety of souvenirs from handicrafts to delicious food, each of which has attracted many fans.The variety of handicrafts and food in this area is remarkable and tourists can have one of their best and most delicious purchases from this area. Weaving, carpet weaving, kilim weaving, embroidery, woodworking, jajim and… are all handicrafts of the Kurdish people, some of which are introduced below:

One of the most enduring Kurdish souvenirs is Kalash or Giove. Knitting or quilting is common in the Kurdish people of Miami and has a special effect in combination with beautiful Kurdish clothes. Giove or Kalash is several thousand years old and is one of the most original types of handicrafts in this region.

The shoe is natural and light and is more durable than other shoes. Klash material is made of cellulose fibers and does not absorb moisture. The sole of this shoe is made of compact fabric and is a soft, flexible shoe suitable for mountainous areas. If you are a fan of handicrafts, be sure to make this beautiful souvenir for your home or your friends and family.

kermanshahi oil

The people of Kermanshah have one of the best and, of course, most famous designs for carpet design, jajim and especially kilim.


From ancient times, the people of Kermanshah have been known as one of the manufacturers of leather in Iran.

Handmade carpet

One of the most beautiful and enduring arts of the Kurdish people is carpet weaving. Today, carpets in this region, such as Afshar, Sanandaj, Bijar and Bukan carpets, are world famous.

The design of these rugs is varied and beautiful and is woven with vivid and glazed colors. Among the designs of Kurdistan carpets, we can mention the design of Herati fish, small fish of Naghsh Bethay, Mirza Ali flower, Mina flower, Vakili flower, deer antler and Minakhani.One of the famous kilims of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people is called “Sunim kilim”. Although kilim weaving is not as common as it used to be, it still retains its place among handicrafts. Travelers, especially foreign tourists, are ardent fans of these kilims.

Saneh kilim has a slit texture. That is, it is woven in two sides and can be used on both sides. These kilims are made of silk, goat hair or fleece and other domestic animals. For easy and comfortable preparation of Saneh kilims, you can travel to Sanandaj city and see and choose a variety of designs and colors of these kilims.


Of course, as a souvenir of Kermanshah, we should also mention kilim along with carpets and jajim, but in any case, the introduction of these 3 practical products from Kermanshah should be done as one of the best souvenirs of this city


One of the most artistic types of Kurdish handicrafts, especially in the Sanandaj region, is wood joinery. This art has been popular in this region for a long time and is in great demand.Joinery is the art of combining very small pieces of natural polished wood. These small pieces are put together with a special artistry and from their delicate combination, beautiful works of wood are made.The most important products that are made by joinery and are the best kind of souvenirs and souvenirs can be rented from pens, cigarette cases, pastries, trays, all kinds of plates, women’s bags, cosmetic boxes, backgammon and chessboards.

Delicious souvenir Folk

The cities of Iran are a mixture of delicious and lasting flavors. Among the Iranian tribes, one of the most delicious foods that is also prepared as a souvenir belongs to the Kurdish people. In this region, there is a wide range of types of sesame sweets, burnt almonds, coke, rice bread, komaj, basluq, seeds, black currant and natural honey and turpentine gum.


Kak is a very delicious sweet from Kermanshah souvenirs that is both very famous and popular and is among the best


traditional sweet

Another of the best and, of course, the most delicious souvenirs of Kermanshah is undoubtedly date bread. Khaneghi bread in Kermanshahian term and date bread as a common term is one of the most delicious and nutritious souvenirs of this province, which, if fresh, is one of the best sweets you have ever eaten

Burnt almonds

Each of these foods with different properties and unforgettable flavors can be one of the most popular souvenirs.If you choose to travel to Kurdish areas, be sure to try its delicacies.

The Kurdish people, with their famous kindness, always welcome guests and tourists to their city and country. The Kurdish people are as sweet as their original dialect, as beautiful as their colorful clothes, and as desirable as their unique arts. If you have never been among the Kurdish people or have never seen any of the cities in this region, make a plan to visit this region at the earliest opportunity. Rest assured, one of your most memorable trips will be to Kurdish areas.

Have you ever traveled to Kurdish areas? Talk to Safarzon about your memories of the region’s customs, clothing, dialect, and pure souvenirs. Share your experiences with travelers and accompany your friends in completing their information about this lovely people of Iran.