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Known as the most religious city of Iran, the city of Mashhad is where the tomb of 8th Shi’i muslims’ leader is located; this is why it is welcoming to more than 27 million pilgrim Iranian travelers in addition to 2 million non-iranian pilgrim travelers. As it is expected, according to this fact, Mashhas has one of the most firm tourism physical infrastructures in Iran. Mashhad is the provincial capital of Razavi-Khorasan capital locating within the east-northern part of Iran, 934 km away from Tehran, the capital,. The city is embracing more than 3 million residences who speaks farsi ,Persian, with a special accent which is specifically dedicated to this region, Based on the strategical location of Mashhad, it’s been so highlighted within the entire history of Iran, where is now being considered as the spiritual capital of Iran.

The vicinity of Mashhad to the east-northern borders of Iran, Mashhad has a mild climate which is mainly disposing for being cold and dry. Winters are so so cold with heavy snow falls in addition to very hot summers.

Best time to travel

If you’re planning to visit the city of Mashhad while it has it’s own best time to travel, the end of spring and the beginning of autumn can be the best times, as the weather is so mild and the city is not that crowded. It may seem interesting that summer is not the best time of traveling because the weather is so hot ,reaching more that 40 degrees, and also the city is so crowded; as a result, the fee for the services are more expensive within the summer but for the rest , specially spring and autumn, it’s more better.

Mashhad Highlighted Hotels

As we’ve mentioned before, the city of Mashhad is possessing of the most powerful infrastructures of tourism, all over the country. To describe more significant, Mashhad has more than 55% of the whole hotels of the country by embracing more than 300 accommodation units from the most luxurious 5 star hotels to ordinary 1 stars, from hotel apartments to the motels and in addition, many private houses which are being rented to both Iranian and non-Iranian travelers who have been to this city.

The below items are the most highlighted hotels in Mashhad:

1. 5 Star Hotels:

  • Darivishi Hotel
  • Pars Hotel
  • Pardisan
  • Homa Hotel 1
  • Homa Hotel 2
  • Ghasr International Hotel
  • Ghasr Talaee International    
  • Kowsar Nab Hotel

2. 4 Star Hotels:

  • Atrak Hotel
  • Javad Hotel
  • Si-Noor Hotel
  • Almas Ghasr Hotel
  • Helya Hotel
  • Toos Hotel
  • Misagh Hotel
  • Grand Hotel

As one of the oddest matters about Hotels in Mashhad, a fact can be mentioned that the city is embracing some hotels which have been built or have been bought by non-Iranian Investors and now providing the services to the pilgrim travelers. Among the entire investors, Shi’i Arabs from Kuwait, Bahrain and Emirates are the majority of active one who have came to Mashhad and now are providing services; both accommodation and the food.

Mashhad Foods

According to the number of travelers who have came and are going to the city of Mashhad within past few years, it is expected to posses different types of restaurant which are providing different types of food from the expensive luxurious Arabic and Lebanon foods to the high quality of Iranian traditional ones. But, if you’re interested in tasting some of the most highlighted foods which have been specially dedicated to the city of Mashhad, just notice the below foods:

  • Shole
  • Shashlik Shandiz
  • Sweet Cutlet
  • Yogurt Soup 

As you also agree, it’s so important to find the best restaurant of a city while traveling. It is a fact that affects the quality of your trip. This is why Fantastic Iran Travel has prepared a list a of notable restaurants in Mashhad in order to make you entirely informed about them:

  • Pesaran-e Karim Restaurant
  • Rezaee Restaurant
  • Yazdan Pavilion Restaurant

Imam Reza Holi Shrine

Known as the most highlighted attraction of the city of Mashhad, The holy shrine of Imam Reza is notable. The holy shrine is located within the eastern half of the city which is easily accessible by Taxi, Subway, Bus and the other public transportation tools. Although it is an islamic religious site, but it can be really awesome masterpiece of different types of art and architecture which can be really interesting for those who are in love with Iranian arts. As one of the most highlighted aspects of the holy shrine, the art of working with mirrors is highly noted.

Ferdowsi Tomb

Ferdowsi was one of the most highlighted poets of Iran who have been so effective on the Persian language. As this great poet is so respected for Iranian people, the tomb of ferdowsi is an important site for Iranian people. Ferdowsi tomb is located over 25 km away from Mashhad which can be an interesting site to visit during your trip to Mashhad.

Nadir Shah Tomb

Nadir Shah was a powerful king within the Afshar dynasty, who have made Iran so extensive and powerful by adding many additional parts of Iran. Now, the tomb of this Afsharid king is located within the city of Mashhad, while being considered as a notable attraction.


Shandiz is a really awesome part of Mashhad which is possessing good natural attraction and restaurant; this is why it can be somewhere shouldn’t be missed during your trip to the city of Mashhad.   

Kuh E Sangi (Stone Mountain)

Kuh-e Sangi is Mashhad’s best park, and a great spot for afternoon or early evening picnicking. A small stream runs through its centre, which you can cross by climbing the rock formations or hopping across stepping-stones. Ice cream and other treats are readily available. The park is filled with Iranian families most evenings, and boasts excellent views of the city from its highest point. If you’re lucky, you may stumble across groups of old Iranian men singing national songs at the weekend.

Mashhad Bazaar

Mashhad is the saffron-centre of the world, and you won’t get a better deal anywhere where else than in the bazaars around Fakaleh Ab square. The spice, which is gram-for-gram more expensive than gold, makes for an excellent souvenir or present. Mashhadi carpets are also particularly revered, so be prepared to haggle your way to a good price. Pilgrimage memorabilia lines the streets too, having your portrait superimposed in front of the Imam’s shrine is a especially quirky crowd favourite.

Boq’eh-ye Khajeh Rabi

The Boq’eh-ye Khajeh Rabi is an ornate mausoleum for one of the apostles of the Prophet Mohammad, located in northeast Mashhad, just off Khajerab Street. Completed in 1612, and touched up in the Qajar era, the tomb features familiar Iranian blue tile work, delicate floral motifs, and a pleasingly symmetrical central dome. It is surrounded by a large cemetery, where wealthy Iranians can still purchase a burial plot.

The Tomb of the Omar Khayyam

The quatrains of the 12th-century astronomer-poet Omar Khayyam are perhaps Khorasan’s most famous export around the globe. Popularised by Edward Fitzgerald’s 19th-century translation, Khayyam is beloved for his pithy musings on life, death, and love. The present-day mausoleum is another unique modernist structure, built in 1963. Located in Neishapur, just over an hour outside of Mashhad, the town also houses the tomb of Attar, a Persian Sufi poet, for those wanting to tick off every box on the poetry tour.





Agate and turquoise

Day trip to the holy and tourist city of Mashhad

After breakfast, we will start to visit the Imam Reza sanctuary and its museum.

Visit the fabulous and Grand Mausoleum of Imam Reza: the eighth Shiite imam who died a martyr ten years after the Abbasid caliph Haroun ar-Rashid who died in 808 in Mashhad and was buried near the tomb of the caliph!
It is a huge complex composed of several magnificent mosques with sets of mirrors, ceramic domes as well as rooms covered with an infinite mosaic of small mirrors.

Each mosque was built by the dynasty which took power in Persia!
Also visit the superb Qods Razavi Museum which contains many objects of various origins, including beautiful carpets, ceramics and Safavid weapons.

We go to a city restaurant for lunch, Then we go to the Imam Reza bazaar
Machhad Bazaar Reza is one of the busiest and most visited bazaars in Iran.

It is located near the sanctuary of Imam Reza. This large bazaar is 960 meters long and has around 1,711 stores.
As you explore this market, you can find a variety of different souvenirs.
You can see and buy such as turquoise, gold, silver, saffron, candy and all kinds of seals and rosaries. This market is on two floors. The main product of the Machhad market is saffron.


After a short rest at the hotel, we go to the summer area of ​​Shandiz, 40 km from Mashhad.
Shandiz is one of the summer areas of Mashhad, which is located 40 km west of this city at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level and is a place of rest and visits.
The region has a temperate climate and is situated on the valley, which, despite the roaring rivers which cross the valleys, has given this region an astonishing beauty.

Shandiz symbolizes the 2700 year old sycamore tree.
The presence of restaurants in the heart of nature as well as live music has attracted the attention of all tourists.
The special food of this region is Shishlik.
Dinner at one of the restaurants in Shandiz returns to Mashhad and the end of the day tour.