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By being located within an entirely strategical position in terms of political and economical matters, IRAN is now and also has been throughout the whole passed history; one of the most highlighted parts of the Middle-East and the world.By Possessing an extremely unique opportunity to do any business or investments, being considered as one of the most adequate destinations to provide an unforgettable incentive travel, being host to many international conferences as one of the pioneer countries within different types of the science and finally, being considered as a developed and industrial country embracing many international exhibitions; IRAN is an awesome destination for those who are coming by a specific purpose as mentioned above.

As an universally trended type of tourism in Iran, MICE , an acronym of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions, consists of several specific tour & travel services for those who are traveling as an specialist to Iran. Counting on a group of specialists by years of experience in this specific type of tourism, Fantastic Iran Travel is honored to provide an undeniably flawless services to your guests or clients who are going to travel to Iran by the above mentioned specific purposes. The more we do care about this type of tourism, the more do our best to provide the services as comprehensive as possible to gain the highest level of satisfaction.

In addition to the whole above matters, just notice that Fantastic Iran Travel travel consultants can be you best advisor in terms of how to attend any exhibitions here in Iran or how to hold an exhibition or business meeting here in Iran; this is why you should feel free of asking us any questions in this field.