Public Transportation in Iran

when you are traveling to Iran without any tour operator , you  need to know about the transportation system of the country such as  air, rail, or bus system , depending your needs and also the public transportation of big cities.

On this page, we will introduce all the ways to use them for you.

Public transportations inside cities

Taxi , in Iran, is quite reasonable . so, Most of the citizens prefer to use taxi for commuting . Taxis of Iran always move with four passengers. Most of taxis  charge you on the basis of the tariffs established and defined by the taxi-riding organization of Iran and often take passengers from one point to another one in a regular pattern. If you wish to be the only passenger in the taxi, you need to pay more to take the taxi for yourself exclusively.

Van Taxi is a sort of taxi which are used as public means of transport in major cities. The only difference is that they start their trip with 10 passengers and you should waite a little more. Their fee is a little cheeper than ordinary taxis .

Online Taxi in Iran,means privat taxi, .there are some online taxi service companies such is, Snapp and Tap30. Most of the cities including Tabriz, Mashhad, Yazd, Shiraz , Rasht, Kerman and …..  have this system . By downloading  and installing  the applications of these online taxis services on your smartphone you can use them to call for a taxi. 


Bus transportation in all cities of Iran ishas its own clients becouse in most cities like Tehran, it is the best way to escape traffic and crowded streets . Tehran has bus rapid transit system that called BRT ,which runs in special lines throughout the city. You can check out the map here.

Metro (underground subway)

In most of the Iran’s big cities there is underground subway (Metro).In Tehran it has 6 running lines in different directions plus one extra line that goes to Karaj. Subway gives you the fastest reach to almost any location in Tehran, you just need to find out which line is the best for your destination and if you need to change your train figure out on which station you must move to another line.  You can buy E-ticket form all metro stations.

 Airway transfer in Iran

Many cities in Iran  have airports that you can use for travelling purposes.The advantages of this transportation is that  you can save time and spend less time on the way and thus have an opportunity to spend more time on your destination. but it is more expensive that other transportation systems.

You can buy your ticket from all the airports or  travel agency in cities  and also through the websites can book a flight online and easily capable of purchasing a ticket. Moreover, you will be able to compare the prices with one another and choose the the most suitable one. Of course, this is only possible if you have a tourist credit card of Iran.

In Iran, the fee of domestic flights, similar to other countries all around the world, is rather variable and depends on the flight hour, airline, the distance to the destination, national and religious occasions, and also the peak of holidays and travelling at the time.


Train Transport in Iran

Iranian trains offer safe and comfortable connections to almost every major destination in the country.

Iranian trains offer safe and comfortable connections to almost every major destination in the country.

They are one of the best ways to see the landscapes in Iran and the  price of tickets are reasonable.

For longer routes, there are overnight trains, and in some routes, there is more than one scheduled train.

There are different classes of trains with a variety of prices in Iran. Some of them is faster with higher prices. There are two major Iranian trains are:

  • Raja
  • Fadak

In addition, one of the advantages of trains  is the possibility of carrying the passenger’s cars.


Bus Transport in Iran between cities

Bus systems,extencively used to link cities all around the country.

In att cities specialy bis gities like Tehran there is some bus terminals.For instance, you can find Sout(Jonob)Terminal , Beihaghi Terminal  , Poonak Termith, Wast(Gharb)Terminal , East(Shargh) Terminal in Tehranus services to numbers of cities in Iran.There are two buses type in Iran: Regular buses and VIP buses in Iran, that in VIP types there is more legroom and more comfortable, and thier ticket’s price is higher. Most of them has Wi-Fi .

There’s no toilet in the buses but the drivers regularly stop across the route so that passengers can find public toilets.For longer trips, usually longer than five hours, the bus would stop at a refreshment area where you can buy a meal, sandwich, or snack.