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Inforamtion about Gilan province

The province is located in the southwestern geography of the Caspian Sea, It borders neighboring provinces of Ardabil in western Mazandaran in eastern Zanjan.

According to the national divisions of this province to the center of Rasht, 12 cities have 35 cities. The cities of the province are: Astara, 2 thresholds of Ashrafieh, Bandar Anzali, Rasht, Rudbar, Rudsar, Shaft, 2 monasteries of Sara, Tavalsh, 2 Fooman, Lahijan and Langrud.


Archaeologists have unearthed three thousand-year-old civilizations such as Marlik and Amlash in Gilan.
Gilan province was famous at the end of Qajarbeh, the gateway to Europe. This province has played an important role in the contemporary history of our country, of which the Constitutional Movement and the Jungle Uprising led by Mirza Kuchakkhan are among the most influential.

General Information about Rasht

Every part of the north has its own unique charm that has made it a spectacular area. As a result, they created a destination called the North. A destination that has long been the most attractive destination for Iranians to travel internationally. One of the areas that falls under the category of Northern Travels is Rasht, one of the most advanced and largest cities in Iran.

Rasht has to be officially named the largest Gilaki gathering center in the world. This beautiful city is full of unique attractions.

One of the great cities of Iran is Rasht. It is also one of the most populous cities in Iran. The city, has an excellent climate due to its proximity to the Caspian Sea. A very green and prosperous city located in the center of Gilan province. In terms of geographical divisions, Rasht is the capital of Gilan and is only 25 kilometers from the sea. This city is also the most populous city in northern Iran among the northern cities.

Rasht Nomad

Rasht is the largest and most populous city of the north of Iran. It is the capital city of Gilan Province and the majority of Gilaks live there

Climate of Rasht city

In terms of climate as well as vegetation, Rasht is one of the greenest provinces in the country with an always pleasant and temperate climate. Much of its popularity is due to its unique climate. The potential of the city’s nature has made most of the city’s attractions natural or formed in the context of nature.

The climate of Gilan is known as the temperate Caspian climate. The Talesh Mountains with north, south and Alborz Mountains along the west-east, such as a barrier to prevent the passage of water from the Mazandaran Sea and the northwestern wet winds into Iran and due to high altitude, cause heavy rainfall in Guilan province.

The abundant evaporation of the Caspian Sea, while increasing the humidity (especially in warm months by up to 93%), results in a moderation of summer air temperatures and a decrease in winter, especially in lowland areas near the sea. According to the meteorological stations, the average absolute minimum temperature in Rasht is 6 ° C and the absolute maximum is 30 ° C, the average absolute minimum is Astara; The minimum absolute temperature of Manjil 7 and the average maximum absolute temperature of 25 ° C have been reported. The amount of rainfall in Guilan province depends on temperate winds that blow in winter from northwest, in spring from east and in summer and autumn from west.

Transportation Systems in Rasht


The Rasht Sardar Jangal International Airport is located on Valiasr Boulevard in the city. Rasht Airport has 42 outbound and 42 inbound flights to 7 domestic destinations and 2 incoming and outbound flights to and from the destination. The airport has a privileged location in Guilan province, on the Caspian Sea, along the North-South Corridor and in the third Iranian tourist city.


Background the successful construction and operation of the first railway in Iran dates back to Rasht to the port of Piraeus and Port of Anzali. There are still remains of this route on the Rasht to Piraeus port and a steam locomotive in the port of Gilan province.

The Qazvin-Rasht-Anzali-Astara Railway is the country’s most important railway project, complementing the North-South Corridor and connecting Iran to Europe. The construction of the railway was delayed for many years due to its complexity, but is now about to open. Qazvin-Rasht Railway Project is one of the most important projects in the Iranian Railways that connects Qazvin, Rasht, Anzali, Astara, and then connects to Azerbaijan and the European Railway.


To get to Rasht from Tehran in a day without traffic you will be about 4 hours on the road. Although weekends or holidays, especially vacations, can take up to ten hours of heavy travel time, so it is best to choose the right time to travel to Rasht to enjoy the beauty of the route.

Attractions of Rasht

The beautiful city of Rasht in the north of Iran is one of the main destinations of tourists and is actually the third most visited city in Iran. A city between the Caspian coast and the Alborz Mountains that has caused the climate to be humid and temperate, and conditions suitable for the growth of all kinds of plants and trees.

As a result of spectacular scenery emerged from mountains covered with trees and lush forests, and many residents of the capital traveled to Rasht for even a day or two on holiday to escape the smoke and tail of the capital.

Municipality Square

The symbol of the city is the municipality square, built during the Pahlavi era in the 1305th year. The building was designed and built with a focus on the classical art of European construction, especially Russian architecture. This large and beautiful building is still a municipality of Rasht and besides being attractive, it is also an office building. Clock Tower and Post Museum are one of the attractions in Municipality building.

Nation Park in Rasht

Nation Park or so called Black Garden is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in Rasht. You can enter the park and nature in Rasht and enjoy the energy of old and old trees. Alongside them, they built playgrounds, family playgrounds and children’s playgrounds.

The tomb of Mirza Koochak Khan

One of the most famous historical figures of Iran and Gilan was Mirza Koochak Khan, born in Rasht. Mirza Koochak Khan became famous for this and became a national figure who fought for his country and his aspirations. Mirza’s body is buried in Darab district of Rasht.

Qadiri House

The Qadiri house of Rasht was built during the Qajar period and is used today as a museum. The house has a large plaster and mirror decoration and a library.

Saravan Forest Park

Saravan Forest Park is located 17 km from Rasht. The forest captures all the beauty of the season in every season and is a symbol of the beauty of spring, summer, fall and winter. Whenever you go to this city, be sure to visit this park.


Rasht Market

You can’t go to this city without visiting the traditional Rasht market. This market is open and all kinds of food and non-food products are sold there. Residents of nearby towns of Rasht come here to buy or sell. For more information, read Introducing Rasht Markets.

Gilan province is very colorful with various souvenirs and food. The most famous souvenirs are:

Reshte Khoshkar


Fuman cookies


Rasht city tour

Which of the major cities in Iran is Rasht? This city
It is also one of the most populous cities in Iran. The city of Rasht, with its English text Rasht, enjoys an excellent climate due to its proximity to the Caspian Sea. A very green and prosperous city located in the center of the province of Gilan. In terms of geographic divisions, Rasht is the great capital of Gilan and is only 25 km from the sea. Rasht is also the most populous city in northern Iran.

After breakfast, we will visit Saravan park in Rasht
If you want to visit one of the most beautiful lakes in the north of Iran, go to the Rasht and Saravan forest park.
Upon entering Saravan Forest Park on your left, you will come across a spectacular view of the lake, which at first looks like land covered with grass.
But a row of boats on the lake will make you change your mind. The reason is that the surface of the lake is covered with a cover of green plants and will confuse you.
If you are planning to visit Saravan Lake, be sure to take a boat ride on it. Sailing with pedal boats on the lake is so fascinating that few people ignore it; the nature of this region is so beautiful that everyone is tempted to explore the lake. Get on boats, explore the heart of the forest and enjoy the beauty of creation, immersed in silence and tranquility.
We go to a traditional restaurant for lunch

After lunch we will visit the traditional museum
Different museums that can be visited in Iran, The Gilan Rural Heritage Museum is located in the Sarash Rasht Park.
This museum was built in the open air and on an area of ​​approximately 260 hectares and offers you a new experience of visiting the museum.
At the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum, it is as if you are entering a large village.
A village in the middle of beautiful nature, each house has a different color and smell.
In this house, you will familiarize yourself with the traditional clothes and accessories of Gilanis life, you will see the process of cooking traditional foods and you will discover another world in brief.

In the province of Gilan, 15 km from Rasht, near the village of Saqalaksar, there is a calm blue lake called Saqaleksar.
This lake and its surroundings, with its pristine and enchanting nature, has created one of the best areas in Gilan to escape mental noise and everyday life.

In the local dialect, the waterhole of Lak Lakha and Sar is called Saqalaksar, and the name of this lake and its neighboring village bears his name.
The view of this lake is spectacular during the four seasons of the year, whether in the spring rainy season or in the cold white of winter. But the beauty of Lake Sagalaksar doubles in autumn and summer.
The attractive and calm nature of the lake and the song of birds singing in all seasons attract many tourists to this place.
After visiting the lake, we go to a local restaurant for dinner and our day tour ends.