Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum,is one of the best collection that enthusiasts can follow the history of Iranian art and civilization. This precious museum was opened in 1977 by the former queen, Farah Diba and gathers, keeps, and studies priceless artworks revealing the cultural legacy of Iran from the 2nd millennium BC to the early 20th century. The chronological arrangement of the objects in three floors provides a general overview of the development of art throughout the history of Iran. Here you can observe how industry fuses more and more with art; how the influence of other cultures creates new motifs, and how the simple primitive designs give their place to more delicate and idealized figures.The museum is named in memory of Reza Abbasi, the great painter of the Safavid era. Allegedly, he was the son of Ali Asghar Kashani, a famous painter of the Safavid court. Today, Reza Abbasi’s works are exhibited in reputable museums around the world such as the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.