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Known as one of the greatest metropolitans of Iran, Tabriz is the provincial capital of a province East Azerbaijan.

The industrial city of Tabriz is where is embracing the majority of Turkish speaking Iranian people; while it’s been considered as the Tourism Capital of Iran in 2018; this is why the city of Tabriz is an outstanding tourism attraction of Iran according to it’s brilliant history, rare geographical location, powerful urban infrastructures regards to the tourism facilities and also pioneer industry.

The city of Tabriz is located within the north-western part of the country about 1348 meters above the sea level by a population of 1.5 million residences. As it’s mentioned before, Tabriz is located within the north-western part of the country, where is possessing one of the coldest weathers of Iran. It means it is about 25 degrees within the summers and about -2.5 degrees within the winters. In general, Tabriz climate is dry and cold within the summer and severely cold within the winters by a great snow fall. The city of Tabriz can be considered as one of the most important ports of entering Iran mainly from Turkey and the other European countries; so for those who are thinking to enter the country by the private cars or the bus; so, it’s really critical to know the city of Tabriz as it maybe your entering port of the country.

Best Time to Travel

Based on what has been mentioned regards to Tabriz’s climate status and it’s weather, the best time to travel to tabriz is within the summer, when the weather is about 15 degrees; this is when you can enjoy most of your trip away from Tabriz heavy snow and rain falls. If you want to know the specific month, July and August are the better ones.

Tabriz Highlighted Hotels

As one of the most important elements of your Iran Tour or Tabriz City Tour, accommodation is highly considered; accordingly, to be informed about different types of Hotels in Tabriz can be so notable regards to make a decision of what to choose through the city of Tabriz while traveling to this city. Tabriz is a reach city in terms of accommodation facilities and infrastructures, from 5 star modern hotels to the ordinary hotel apartments with cheaper services. As one of the most highlighted hotels of Tabriz and even Iran, Kaya Laleh Park hotel can be highly considered by providing an extraordinary luxurious services in a 5 star context. To mention the other highlighted hotels of Tabriz, International Hotel, Gostaresh Hotel, Shahriar Hotel and El Goli can be mentioned.

Tabriz Foods

As you may know, the Turk ethnicity of Iran has their own specific cooking method which will result in providing one of the high quality of tasty foods of Iran. Like the other parts of the extended country of Iran, Tabriz has it’s own specific foods and cooking methods; so foods can be an undeniable attractive aspect of your trip to Tabriz, so, don’t miss Turkish foods of Tabriz.

If you’re looking for tasting the traditional foods of Tabriz, forget about the normal international restaurants of the hotels in Tabriz and go through the local restaurant based on what your tour guide will recommend. To mention the best and most known food of Tabriz, Koofteh Tabrizi is known. This specific Turkish food is made of rise, meat, spices and some vegetables which is serving in rounded shape.

The below list can be considered as the most highlighted restaurants on Tabriz :

  1. Shahriar Traditional Restaurant
  2. Gazmakh Restaurant
  3. Laleh Park Foodcourt
  4. Vahid Restaurant & Coffee Shop

To name the best Tabrizi foods, here is the list:

  1. Doymaj
  2. Koofteh- Tabrizi
  3. Yeprakh Delmasi
  4. Carrot Stew
  5. Souzi Shourbasi




Municipality Museum

This specific museum is located within the basement of Municipality Building of Tabriz which is known as the only and oldest municipality museum  all over Iran history. Not only in comparison to the museums of Iran but also in comparison to the rest of the museums in the world, Municipality Museum is considered as some of the most unique municipality museums after the sam museum in China .



Tabriz Carpet Bazaar

As a historical attraction and also where to feel the marvelous art of carpet weaving of Iran, Tabriz carpet bazaar is where to find the masterpieces of carpet weavings in Tabriz. Due to this fact, It’s so critical to inform you that the city of Tabriz is providing one of the most high quality carpets of Iran and even the whole world.

Constitution House

This house in an entirely historical attraction which is located in the older part of Tabriz. The monument has been settled based on the Qajari architectural methods while being as the private house of a trader of the old Tabriz , namely : Mehdi Kouzeh Kanani.

El Goli

El Goli or also known as Shah Goli is the most know attraction of Tabriz, which has been founded within Agh- ghouyoun lou ha and has been developed within Safavid dynasty. The site has a lake by the approximate depth of 12 meter in some parts. In the middle of this lake, a 5 star hotel has been founded, this is why an awesome attracting aspect has been aded to the identity of El Goli.

Arasbaran Forest 

By embracing many awesome types of flowers and trees, Arasbaran forest is know as one of the most highlighted green parts of the country because of possessing an undeniably attractive forest.




Pich Angoshti


Chocolate Tasbihi


Sojoq Maraghe

Tabriz City Tour

The city of Tabriz is over 3500 years old, the capital of the province of eastern Azarbaijan, with an area of ​​2167 square kilometers and a population of approximately two million inhabitants, is the largest city in the northwest of country and the third largest city in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad. During the Safavid capital, Tabriz was known as the fifth largest city in the world and was also the largest, most important and most modern city in Iran during the Qajar era. The climate of Tabriz is cold in winter and cool and pleasant in summer.


Azarbayjan province

in the morning visit The Kaboud Mosque or the Jahanshah Mosque in Tabriz

blue mosque

The Kaboud Mosque or the Jahanshah Mosque in Tabriz is one of the precious works of Iranian architecture that stands out from other examples of mosque architecture in terms of architectural style. This mosque with turquoise and azure mosaic tiles interests the master of taste and art.
Under the reign of Sultan Jahanshah and on the orders of his daughter Saleh Khanum, the Blue Mosque (9th century) was built.
The Blue Mosque is known as the “Turquoise of Islam” and its architectural style is Azeri.

then visit The Church of St. Mary in Tabriz is five hundred years old Azarbaijan Museum

The Azerbaijan Museum is one of the most important museums in Iran and the second largest archaeological museum in the country after the National Museum of Iran. It should be noted that the building of the Azerbaijan Museum is based on a French archaeological map called “Andre Godard” inspired by the style of local architecture in Azerbaijan, Iran. Prepared and illustrated by Ismail Dibaj.



The Azerbaijan Museum has historical and artistic monuments belonging to the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

and in the evening you can enjoy El Goli Garden or Shah Goli is the name of a garden in the city of Tabriz

which is one of the main symbols of this city due to its antiquity and beauty. Shah Goli means the pool of Shah and this place was originally a pool created in the time of Aq Quyunlu It was and expanded during the Safavid period. Before the arrival of the Safavids in power, this swimming pool was the largest source of water for irrigating the gardens in eastern Tabriz. The Safavids emptied the pool and built a wall around it.
During the Qajar period, Tabrizi trees were planted around this place to decorate it and turn it into a promenade.