As the capital city of the extended Iran and also where is embracing the majority of unique urban facilities, Tehran is embracing some of the best and most unique restaurants of Iran; this is why travelers shouldn’t miss these awesome restaurants; so Fantastic Iran Travel has planned to inform you about top 10 restaurants in Tehran, this is how you can enjoy more of your tour within the city of Tehran. In another hand, Tehran restaurants are so vast in number that is so hard to make decision of what to choose and where to go; in addition, if you want to go to the whole restaurants of Tehran, you’ll need more than 60 days !, so it’s so so important to have recommendations about what to choose in Tehran.

1.Moslem Restaurant

This restaurant is located within the grand bazaar of Tehran, so it’s really probable to be faced with this famous restaurant while exploring the old part of Tehran in your city tour, but as it is so crowded every day, it may face you not to stand in lines and waiting; but be aware that although this restaurant is so crowded, the whole services are providing so rapid because the whole foods are ready before you order. Moslem Restaurant has two floors which provides the guests a pleasant view of the old part of Tehran. The restaurant is so famous for the kebab and different types of beef, but the most highlighted food in this restaurant is “Tah-Cheen” , a mixture of rise, chicken, saffron and yogurt.

2. Kubaba Restaurant

This restaurant is located within Africa Boulevard , also known as Jordan street, is one of the other most highlighted restaurants of Tehran; because of embracing an awesome interior design in addition to provide different types of foods from Iran, Lebanon and Afghanistan. So, Kubaba restaurant is where to be provided with the chance of tasting a variety of foods in Tehran,

Kubaba Restaurant foods are considered as the expensive foods in Tehran, but to be exchanged to us dollar or euro, its’ foods will be less expensive than a Mac Donalds burger in your home country; so feel free of choosing what ever you want.

3. SPU

If you’re interested in out door restaurants, SPU is the best option in our mind because it is located within a beautiful garden located in Darake region of Tehran, where is totally covered by different types of restaurants and coffee shops. SPU restaurant of Tehran has some different parts which can be used by different desires, whether you want to have your meal using dining table or you want to seat on the ground based on Iranian style, It’ll be possible to enjoy in SPU restaurant, where you can find different types of high quality traditional Persian foods from different types of kebab to different types of stews and the other Iranian foods.

In addition to the foods, the interior design of this garden is totally marvelous and it’ll be more enjoyable within the summer and spring as it’ll be cold in winter and autumn.

4. Hani parseh

Without any exaggerations, hand Parseh restaurant is the best self service restaurant of Iran by providing different types of Persian foods. The restaurant is located within Beheshti street of Tehran, where is a mid central part of the city. As soon as entering the restaurant, you should stand in lines of choosing your desired food, sweet, beverage and appetizers. You can feel free of choosing what ever you like once you’re within the lines and then you’ll pay for them, but it’s a little bit different from buffet restaurants, in a way if you finish your food for the second time charging, you should pay again.

From high quality Iranian kebabs and stews to some non-iranian food like pasta and lasagna, Hani parseh will provide you with high quality foods within a beautiful circumstance, but because of it’s crowd, it’s not somewhere totally calm and relaxing, oppositely, this restaurant is so crowded and noisy and you should leave the restaurant right after finishing your food.

5. Alborz

Known as the best kebab provider of Tehran, Alborz restaurant is where to have a really expensive food but unbelievably high quality. Alborz restaurant is located in north- Sohrevardi street which is at the top of a building bot not that tall. Once you enter this restaurant you may be so shocked of why it is expensive in this way as it doesn’t have something really unique in interior design; but, when the food is in front of you, your ming will be changed as it’s one of the most tasty foods you’ve ever eaten.

6. Leon

Although Leon is a group of restaurants based on Italian appetite by three branches in Tehran; the most highlighted branch of it is located within Sam Center which has a romantic atmosphere because of its unique style of interior design. The contemporary restaurant group began life back in the mid-1960s but underwent a revamp in 2010 and now boasts of exquisite surroundings and an updated menu full of authentic Italian dishes. Starting with an appetizer which is a mixture of beef carpaccio with lemon, olive oil and parmesan or a fresh and simple salad sauce of mozzarella, tomato and basil followed by a creamy carbonara pasta with bacon, garlic and parmesan.

7. Shandiz – Jordan

With no exaggerations, this restaurant is owning the most luxurious building in comparison to the other restaurants of Tehran. Shandiz Jordan is one of the branches or franchised restaurant of Shandiz which is originally from Mashhad but it has some branches within the other cities specifically Tehran. Shandiz-Jordan is located in Africa Boulevard , also known as Jordan street , while providing its services within an entirely unique space inside it. This restaurant is most known for its expensive and delicious Shashalik, but it is also providing the most high quality other types of persian foods, but very very expensive.

8. Bistango

Located  inside the Raamtin Hotel, Bistango was established in April of 2004 ignorer to provide Tehran’s diners with an upscale international dining experience. Serving international cuisine which has been cooked by a talented and equally international team that includes Canadian executive chef ,the restaurant has been divided  to two dining rooms – a classically decorated main dining hall and Bistango Blue, a private dining room for parties of up to 20 guests. Its global menu features appetizers such as leek and potato soup or spinach and mixed fruit salad with a ginger dressing, as well as entrees including beef short ribs with a mushroom risotto and a demi-glace sauce.

9. Azari Dizi

If you’re looking for somewhere totally traditional inside the city of Tehran, Azari dizy is highly suggested. It is located around the square of Rah-Ahan (Railway); Although it’s location is not something that charming , but the food and more highlight and this the area is so so unique and different as it’s a historical Tekieh(where Iranians have fathered together for islamic ceremonies or events). As it’s obvious from the name of the restaurant the most highlighted food of this restaurant should be dizi ( a mixture of meat, some seeds, tomato & potato. Not only dizi but also some other famous Iranian foods like Kash-Bademjan , chicken kebab and different types of kebabs are also available in this restaurant, but based on it’s location; its better to refer to this restaurant while having a tour guide or an Iranian companion. 

10. Farahzad Restaurants

Within north-western part of Tehran, there is a mountainous region under the name of Farahzad which is entirely covered by different types of Persian food providing restaurants which are mostly outdoor restaurants. To be relevant for different people, there are many restaurants some outdoor, some indoor.