Hormuz Island with us

The island of Hormuz is full of various wonders that make camping anywhere have its own unique features and sights. Try to camp somewhere not too far from the sea and you can enjoy the beauty and glory of the waves whenever you want.

Hormuz Island

Island of colorful soils

Hormoz is an island with an area of ​​42 square kilometers located at the entrance of the Persian Gulf and 8 kilometers from Bandar Abbas. Due to its geographical location and proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, it is of great commercial and strategic importance. The distance of this island from Qeshm Island by fast boat and in normal weather conditions is about 30 minutes. But the distance from Bandar Abbas to Hormoz is more than 30 minutes.

The most important feature of Hormoz is the color of the beach soil and the island and the salt valley on this island. For about three years, in the second half of the year, which is a suitable season to travel to the southern regions, artists draw the earthly carpet of Hormuz on the ground using the colored soils of this island.

Sights of Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island is called the small island of the Persian Gulf. The island is a place full of different colors with water with a completely different culture, so that when you enter it, it is as if you have entered another planet. It is safe to say that Hormoz Island is an island of colors and wonders that has emerged from the heart of the sea. The island has many sights from colorful soils to strange architecture, every corner of which has an amazing story to hear and a plan to see. It is interesting to know that the soil of Hormoz can be seen in seventy colors. The edible soil of Hormoz Island is one of the wonders of this island. This region is not just an island, it can be said that it is a land of wonders. Everything you need to know about Hormoz Island is mentioned in this article.


Colorful mountains

History, nature and coast of Hormoz Island

Until the 14th century AD, the population of 7,000 people was called Laron Island and Hormoz was known as a commercial city along the Minab River . It is interesting to know that when the Mongols invaded Iran, 700 years ago, Hormoz Island was a city at the mouth of the Minab River. After the Mongol invasion, the 15th Amir of Hormoz was displaced along with many people of the city, who first moved to Kish Island and then to Larun. From there, people migrated first to Qeshm and then to Bandar Abbas. Then they set up a small town called Hormoz. At first it was called Hormoz or Khormoz but over time its name was changed to Hormoz. Hormoz quickly became a center of commerce and many immigrants from Hormozgan and even India and Africa migrated to it. The island was then occupied by the Portuguese. The area of ​​Hormoz Island is 42 square kilometers.


Where is Hormoz Island?

Hormoz Island is an oval island with a salt dome with an area of ​​42 square kilometers at the entrance of the Persian Gulf and 8 kilometers from Bandar Abbas . Hormoz Island is known as the key to the Persian Gulf due to its geographical location and proximity to the Strait of Hormuz.

This is the situation that has made Qom Qeshm Island of special importance in terms of geographical and commercial location throughout history. Colorful mountains, rocks formed over millions of years of erosion, magnificent rocky salts and, most beautiful of all, red soil; These are the spectacular attractions of Hormoz Island, so a trip to Hormoz Island, especially in the cold seasons, can be the best choice for a pleasant and dreamy trip. Be sure to include Hormoz Island in your Qeshm tourism list . This island surprises you with its beauties.


If you are planning to travel from Bandar Abbas to Hormoz Island, the best route is to board Qeshm boats, and from Qeshm board Hormoz passenger boats that return to Hormoz Island twice a day.

In this way, you will not only save on travel expenses, but you will also see beautiful and amazing views. It may not be bad to know that the distance from Hengam Island to Qeshm Island by speedboat and in normal weather is about 30 minutes. But the distance from Bandar Abbas to Hormoz is more than 30 minutes.


Local cuisine of Hormoz Island

It can be said that one of the original and popular dishes in Hormoz Island is belly stonefish. Local bread is also baked by the women of Hormoz. Meatball is one of the local dishes of this region, which is roasted with special and fragrant spices. Ingredients are cooked chickpeas, fried potatoes, hot onions, pilaf cooked with broth and various spices. It can be said that some people even cook this food with chicken.

Colomba is another local dish cooked with fish, whose other raw material is wheat bran. This food is cooked with animal oil.

Zebon is one of the most popular local dishes in the area, which is suitable for most tastes. It is good to know that this food is similar to Istanbul, but it has fish and fried potatoes.

Hawari is another local dish made with fish but has a spicy taste. This food is cooked with different spices and the most important spice of this food is turmeric. Some people use shrimp instead of fish.

Dried figs are a laborious food that is mostly consumed in summer.

The food hole with the red soil of Hormoz Island is one of the local foods in which the red soil of Hormoz is one of its ingredients. This dish is prepared with sardines, red soil, lemon and orange. The edible soil of Hormoz Island plays a role in the local cuisine of this island.

Tamshi is the food of this region, which is prepared from the red soil of the region, which is eaten and is considered a complete meal.

Diso rice is one of the easiest local dishes to eat with fried fish.


The best season to travel to Hormoz

It is safe to say that once you travel to the island of Hormuz, you will go there again. Because the island of Hormuz is located in the Persian Gulf and geographical offers near the equator. Autumn and winter are the best seasons to visit Hormoz because it has a spring and pleasant weather. So in addition to enjoying the sights of the area, you can enjoy the air.


Geography of Hormoz Island

Hormoz Qeshm Island has an area of ​​42 square kilometers and is oval in shape so that it protrudes from the water. The island is located 8 km from Bandar Abbas, the ruins of the Portuguese fort on the north side of the island. The rest of the island is uninhabited. It is better to know that the only settlement in this area is the small village of Hormoz. The village has a mosque with yellow colored stones and winding alleys.

Hormoz Island is one of the Iranian inhabited islands of the Persian Gulf. This island is in the Strait of Hormuz and 18 km northeast of QeshmAnd is located 19 km southeast of Bandar Abbas. Its highest point is more than 170 meters above sea level in the center of the island. An asphalt road runs around the island, part of which is dirt in the southern parts of the island. It can be said that a series of dirt side roads to the center of the island and its mines have been created. 1.5 km from the island in the north is the residential part of the island. It has a population of about 7,000. Hormoz Island is a salt dome that is mostly composed of igneous and volcanic formations, which is the location of Hormoz series. It can be said that Hormoz series includes gypsum and salt rock along with igneous and sedimentary rock masses and fragments. The presence of coral reefs, sea caves and rocky shores along with native vegetation and wildlife and the existence of historical and cultural monuments associated with the local life of the region are prominent features of this island.It is interesting to know that the correct spelling of this island is Hormoz or Hormozd, which is derived from the words Khormuz or Khormogh, which means the harbor and port of Minab province.


Hormoz Island Market

At the entrance to the Portuguese fort is the beach market on the island of Hormuz, where island women sell their handicrafts. Among them are beautiful needlework, women’s masks and paintings on glass. Hormoz Island handicraft market is one of the sights of Hormoz Island.


Why travel to Hormoz Island

This island, with its beautiful minerals and rocks, has been called the paradise of geologists. A certain calm and silence surrounds its shores. The summer season in this area is very stressful so that the residents of the area themselves stay very little in the area. The weather is sultry in spring and autumn. But winter is the best season to go to this island because along with the mild weather, the migration of birds and turtles create an indescribable pleasure in the region.

Hormoz Island has special beauties and wonders that attract every immigrant and traveler. The island has a beautiful environment with different colors and a very calm environment with amazing historical attractions. The people of this island are so warm-hearted that once you visit there, you will miss it again and you will travel there. This island is very suitable for those who are not looking for luxury hotels and only want to see historical monuments and nature.

The 700-year-old island is known around the world for its unique sand color, which has attracted many tourists. It can be said that this island is very suitable for someone who loves nature and wants to explore the whole island one day without the need for a car. This island is one of the most popular islands for traveling with natural and temperate weather in winter.

Therefore, it can be said that Hormuz should be lived alone and its sunrise and sunset should be watched from its high cliffs and its soil should be touched. The island has various tourist attractions such as mountains, caves, cliffs and valleys that seeing these attractions is an important factor in traveling to Hormoz Island. The number of tourist attractions in this region is very large in proportion to its size.

One of the most important tourist attractions of Hormoz Island is the Portuguese castle . This place belongs to the Portuguese colonization. The Portuguese castle has attracted more tourists. Even though a part of the island has been submerged and destroyed, the remaining part has its own fans because in addition to its special architecture, the weapons of that time can also be seen in it. The entrance ticket to the castle is priced at 2000 Tomans, which is very cheap.

It is interesting to know that the colored soils of Hormoz Island are one of its distinctive features, which is one of the important reasons to visit this island. Because the number of these colors is more than 100. It can be said that every year a large colored carpet is pulled to the ground by the soil of this region, which has attracted everyone’s attention.

Seeing deer plains is another special feature of this island. By traveling to the island of Hormuz, you can see a group of deer that move freely to and fro.

The beaches of Hormoz are other important attractions due to their pristine and clean nature, which has created a stunning view of blue and red colors along these colored soils.

Ways to go to Hormoz Island

You can go to Hormoz Island by two sea routes. One way is to go to Bandar Abbas first and take a taxi to the Haqqani Wharf by rail and airport. Then go to the island from the Haqqani Wharf via the dinghy. The second way to get to the island is through the Qeshm pier to Hormoz, which you must be at Zakeri pier before 7 o’clock and you can go to the island from the pier. Qeshm to Hormoz ferry tickets can be purchased at the pier or online.

Boat departure time from Qeshm to Hormoz: Qeshm boats depart for Hormoz at 7 am and 2 pm.

It is possible to take a car to Hormoz Island through Shahid Haqqani Wharf in Bandar Abbas.

If you are planning to travel to Hormoz Island and you want to get acquainted with the attractions and sights of Hormoz Island, join us.


In the continuation of this article, we want to acquaint you with the spectacular attractions of Hormoz Island.


  • Red soil mine
  • Mangrove forests of Hormuz
  • Salt Cave
  • Sculpture Valley
  • Snowy Mountain
  • Carpet Beach Island
  • Boating around the island of Hormuz
  • Orange Castle
  • Master Nadalian House
  • Salt Dome and a variety of rocks
  • Ahavan Hormoz plain

Stay on the island of Hormuz

Hormoz is a small island in Qeshm city, so many travelers who intend to travel to Qeshm , visit Hormoz Island for a day and plan a trip to Hormoz Island, which of course lacks accommodation. And catering has exacerbated this issue.

But in any case, the attractions of this small island of 15.5 / 25 km are so much that many tourists to stay on the island of Hormuz prefer to stay in the local house of the island of Hormuz or temporary tents to spend longer time on the island of Hormuz. The distance from Hormoz Island to Qeshm is so short that you can almost see the island from the same coast of Qeshm. Renting a house on Hormoz Island or an eco-lodge on Hormoz Island can be your choice to stay on this island. Hormoz Island accommodation centers are few and if you do not intend to stay on the island you can return to Qeshm to stay.

Hormoz Island is very remarkable for its coastal diversity, it is a combination of sandy beaches with different colors that provide a soft and comfortable bed for those interested in swimming and water sports, and besides, it is not without rocky beaches.

Be sure that if you choose December, January or February to travel to the island of Hormuz, the weather is so spring that the sea pulls you towards it and in a unique weather you can relax in the waves of the Persian Gulf.

Sights of Hormoz Island 

Red Soil Mine:

Red soil mine is one of the sights of Hormoz Island. On the island of Hormuz, you will have the opportunity to visit the edible red soil and more than 70 other colored minerals that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. It is true that the world recognizes the island of Hormuz as a bright land; But red soil is not all that you find in Hormoz.

Walking on the silver, gold, and white sands here is like exploring your dreams, and the red, orange, and blue of the mountains are as spectacular and unforgettable as the sunset sky.

The only edible mountain in the world on the rainbow island of Hormuz is the contract that a kind of edible soil called galak is extracted from the heart of these red mountains and used as a spice.


Hormoz Forest:

Mangrove forest is another attraction of Hermes Island, be sure to visit the mangrove forests on your trip to Hormoz Island . And a large part of them are under sea water and their roots feed on sea water.

The interesting thing is when the sea water is at its highest level and covers them; But suddenly, as the water recedes, a vast and amazing forest emerges from under the water like a scene from a science fiction movie, astonishing its viewers.

Salt Cave:

Other sights of Hormoz Island include the salt cave. Another attraction of Hormoz Island is Qeshm salt cave . Qeshm Salt Cave is the longest salt cave in the world and in the heart of the Persian Gulf. This cave is located 90 km away from Qeshm city, in the southwestern part of the dome-shaped island at an altitude of 237 meters above sea level. The salt caves of Qeshm Island are one of the most beautiful manifestations of the beautiful and dreamy nature of Iran.

The presence of white streaks of salt on the body of this mountain from a distance shows a beautiful view. The distance from the mouth of the salt cave to the road adjacent to the beach is about 2 km, which is recommended to be walked.

The inside of the salt cave is dark, especially in its depths, and a bright flashlight is needed to see the crystalline salt stalactites . The roof of the salt cave is covered with marble and crystal chandeliers in various shapes and has created a unique view.

Sculpture Valley:

On the island of Hormuz, with a few hundred meters walk to the shore, on a path where the silver sands attract attention, there are stones in different shapes. Each of these amazing stones is likened to an animal by the imagination of the viewer; One is the head of a sheep, the other is the head of a chicken and a rooster, and as many as you want, dragon-like stones can be depicted in different positions.

From the shape of the rocks, it can be seen that during the thousands of years that the island of Hormuz gradually came out of the water, the process of erosion has been imprinted on them.

At the end of the valley of the statues we reach a precipice where the most beautiful views of the Persian Gulf await us here . The whole valley route is filled with crystalline sand. There are no signposts and without a guide it is very difficult to tell if such a place exists.


Snow Mountain:

On the way from the Rainbow Valley to the Valley of the Sculptures , you will see a mountain that is different from all the other mountains that are located next to them.

Other mountains are formed from the colored soils of the island, but this beautiful mountain is composed of salt, and due to the structure of crystals and salt rocks, it seems that the entire surface of this mountain is covered with snow, and therefore it ” They call it “Snow Mountain”.

During the trip to Qeshm Island , travelers are advised to stop for a moment in the vicinity of this beautiful mountain and watch it closely.


Carpet Beach Island:

One of the most colorful attractions that has been designed in Hormoz Island and can be said to be one of the most beautiful sights of Hormoz Island, is the name of Hormoz colored carpet. Hormoz colored carpet is a combination of 18 different colors that has been able to include 10 cultural symbols of this city. In recent years, artists have used the soil of this area to produce a colored carpet, which attracted many travelers to this area.

The most important feature of Hormoz Island is the color of the beach soil and the island and the salt valley on this island. It has been about three years, which in the second half of the year, which is a good season to travel to the south, artists Hormoz earthen carpets are drawn on the ground. You can enjoy the eye-catching beauties of this island by traveling to Hormoz Island.

Boating around Hormoz Island:

The small area of ​​Hormoz Island is one of the attractive features of this island. There is a coastal road that allows travelers and tourists to walk around the island from where they get off the boat, just three hours on foot, or by using available bicycles.There are many motor boats on Hormoz Island that you can use to travel around the island and enjoy the scenery in front of you.

If you are interested in camping on the beach, you need to know that for this issue, you must predict the fashion and know where you can camp on the beach, for this purpose, there are different software that about the amount of tide, hours It and the weather and the brightness of the moon give you interesting information. You can use the locals to find out where the best beach in this area is for camping.

Orange Castle:

At 750 meters from the port of Hormoz Island is the famous Portuguese fort. The Portuguese fort on the island of Hormuz is perhaps the largest colonial fortress built in the history of Persia.

The thick walls, rusty balls and grandeur of the building still preserve the special beauty of the Portuguese castle. From the port along the coastline you will reach the walls of the Portuguese castle. If you go around the castle walls in a counter-clockwise direction, you will encounter 2 rusty cannons and a low arch entrance threshold, which is located right on the island’s promontory.

Crossing the covered threshold of the Portuguese castle, you will reach a vast courtyard facing the sea. Just like you got into one of the weapons of antiquity. In the middle of the courtyard is an underground church with a magnificent arched roof. Before following the path marked with stones to reach the fortifications, you can see the same floor of the watchtower .


Master Nadalian House:

Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Permanent Museum and Gallery on the island of Hormuz is the place where the works of this internationally renowned environmental artist are displayed. In 2012, the entrance of an abandoned house was designed with a new structure.

Many artists were involved in the process of making and decorating it. The museum is located in the old quarter of Hormoz. To access the museum by foot after leaving the pier by the coastal path, ask the natives to lean on the mullah.

In front of Mola Tekiyeh, there is a narrow alley that if you move to the east of the city, after a few minutes walk, you will reach the neighborhood where the museum is located. If you walk this route, you will get acquainted with the native culture and primitive urban planning of Hormoz.


Salt dome and variety of rocks:

Another attraction of Hormoz Island, especially for those interested in lithology, is the high diversity of rocks and minerals in this island. A large part of the island is made up of a salt dome, and in the southern parts, salt rock and other types of rocks can be seen in the form of huge crystals.

Ahavan Hormoz Plain:

The natives treat the deer well and they also run in the small plain of Hormuz, so do not be surprised if you encounter deer on your trip to the island of Hormuz. Hormoz Island is a safe haven for deer.Both tourists have the air of these animals and the locals treat them kindly. There is no deer hunting. If you have passed through Hormoz, if you do not harm them, be sure that you can go near them and sit and watch them. The plain in which deer roam in Hormoz is known as the Deer Plain.

Hormoz Island is also significant for its coastal diversity. In addition to the coast, the species of birds and marine animals around the coast of Hormoz are also interesting. A variety of seabirds, dolphins, turtles, mangrove or mangrove forests are some of the attractions that have formed around the sea and can be attractive to those who are interested in this species of nature.

What you read and saw in this article about Hormoz Island is only a part of the attractions and sights of Hormoz Island. When traveling to Hormoz Island, do not forget to see the Golden Salt Valley, the beach of turtles and the island of dolphins, the mountain of colors and the rainbow.

Hormoz may not have a hotel, but it has kind people, and a beautiful beach for camping; The restaurant does not have a few stars, but it still has kind people and, of course, a lot of fish. If accommodation and food are very important to you due to your family, you can also use the accommodation in Bandar Abbas or Qeshm.

To stay on Hormoz Island, you can choose tents or rural houses in Hormoz, or after a day tour in Hormoz and seeing its spectacular beauties, return to Qeshm .


Hormoz Island entertainment

It is good to know that because Hormoz is not a rich island, locals travel by tricycle. These three-wheeled motors are also called three-wheeled motors. If you do not walk, you can rent these three-legged motorcycles and enjoy it.

Other pastimes of Hormoz Island include cycling on colorful trails with sea music. You have to ride the slopes of the island carefully. By renting a bicycle you can go around the whole island. Do not worry if the bike breaks down because they have support and another bike will be provided to you with a phone call.

Because there is a sandy beach all around the island and the water depth in this beach is such that it has made swimming and diving very comfortable. Swimming and diving are other recreations of Hormoz Island. Safe places to swim on the island include Hashtadgazi beach, the southwest of the island on the coast, the north of the island near the mangrove forests and the local trench. Half-day diving tours are also held in this area, with which you can enjoy the beauties of the deep corals of Lark. You do not need to have special clothes with you because special clothes will be given to you. It should be noted that if you do not know how to swim, do not worry because for both people there is a coach to accompany you.

In addition to swimming with the birds and dolphins of this area, you can enjoy other cheap water activities such as jet skiing. It is interesting to know that if you travel to this island in autumn and winter due to the cool weather and spring, you can enjoy swimming.

Boating and beach climbing are other attractions of Hormoz Island. You can take motor boats around the island.

You can set up a camping on the island by knowing the information from the locals and the tides in the area and other necessary information by setting up a tent in a suitable place in the area. Hormoz Island photos in this text will open your eyes to the wonders of Hormoz Island and help you choose your trip.

Hormoz Island handicrafts

Hormoz Island has always been of interest to tourists, researchers and historians due to its various handicrafts. Part of the needs of the people of this region are met by handicrafts. The handicrafts of this island are considered as tourist attractions and attracting foreign direct investment due to its special attractions.

Important handicrafts of this region include Khos embroidery, Badleh embroidery, Zari embroidery, Glabton embroidery, mat weaving and pottery. It can also be said that other handicrafts of this region are delicate needlework on cloth and paintings inspired by local life by colored soils on glass.

Why is the soil of Hormoz Island red?

One of the most famous beaches is the Red Coast of Hormoz Island. It can be said that the main element of this soil is iron oxide with 70% purity, which has caused the red color of the soil in this area. This red soil is very high quality and is the second largest mineral in the world after Spain. It is interesting to know that the red soil of this region has edible properties and can be used as a spice. You can even taste this soil. When red soil is mixed with sea water, it turns pink, and when you walk on the beach, your clothes will change to pink. Of course, after washing, the color will disappear so you can experience the pleasure of walking on the beach.