To get acquainted with the Iranian cities, get to know the title of these cities

Abadan, Brazil of Iran

It may seem like a joke to call Abadan the city of Brazil, Iran, but this joke is when the Brazilian ambassador to Iran travels to Abadan to visit the southern derby, that is, he hears and believes in Abadan’s reputation. The special love of the Abadians for football, the football teams that date back to the time of the British presence in this city, and perhaps the slight resemblance of the Brazilians to the Abadians, has made this city known as the Brazil of Iran. In the city’s stadiums where you sit and watch football, you will be amazed to see the countless green and yellow flags of Brazil. You can see the sights of Abadan on the Iran Attractions page of Aladdin Travel website.


Urmia : water city, Dar al-Neshat

Urmia has several titles, including the city of water, Dar al-Neshat, the city of religions, religions and ethnicities. As you know, Kurds and Turks have been living in Kana Rahm in West Azerbaijan Province for many years, and many Christians are there alongside Muslims. Hence it is called the city of religions, sects and ethnicities. The existence of Lake Urmia and abundant water had caused Urmia to be called the city of water. However, despite illegal water wells and lack of proper management, a lot of damage was done to the environment of Lake Urmia . But there is a lot of discussion about the fact that Urmia is a vibrant city. The title of Urmia, which was given to this city during the Qajar period and is said to be temperate, the existence of many orchards, lush nature, peaceful life of tribes and religions together, had made the people of Urmia more cheerful and warm-hearted. And peace and friendship must prevail among them. For information Sights of Urmia , refer to the section of Iranian tourist attractions on Aladdin Travel website.


 Ardabil: Holy city, Darulama

Ardabil was known as Dar al-Rashd in the time of Timur and as Dar al-Aman in the time of the Safavid kings, but if we look at the Avestan origin of the word Ardabil, we come to a combination of the words Arta (meaning holy) and Will (meaning city), which together becomes the holy city. , Because according to many scholars, Zarathustra developed his good ideas in this area.Of course, if you still want to know more about the titles of Ardabil, you can also mention the paradise of beekeepers. You must have heard about Ardabil souvenirs and Sabalan honey. If you want to know more about Ardabil, refer to the Ardabil sights page on Aladdin Travel website.


Isfahan:The city of turquoise domes, half of the world, the beautiful city of God

the magnificent architecture of mosques and the beautiful turquoise domes of Isfahan have made it known as the city of turquoise domes. Also, the architectural beauties in this city have made it known as the beautiful city of God. You must have heard the title of half of the world for Isfahan, the existence of six thousand historical monuments from palaces, gardens, mosques and churches to minarets and historical houses of Isfahan, all of which show the glory of a civilization. Dar al-Saltanah was the name given to this beautiful city years ago. We suggest you see the sights of Isfahan on the page of Iran’s tourist attractions on Aladdin Travel website.


Ahvaz: City of bridges

The people of Ahvaz, due to the hot weather of this city, follow their activities more at night. Nights in Ahwaz Beach Park, fast foods and falafels of this city help to keep Ahwaz alive. With 10 bridges, Ahvaz has the largest number of bridges in a city in the Middle East, hence it is also known as the city of bridges. Follow the sights of Ahvaz on the page of Iran’s tourist attractions.


Boroujerd : Little Paris

If you look west from the roof of Boroujerd, you will see villages that remind you of European landscapes. Since it is located around the city of Boroujerd (like Paris) in the lowlands, there are other reasons that liken Boroujerd to Little Paris. It is interesting to know that Bojnourd, the capital of North Khorasan province, is also known as Little Paris.


Bruges Little Greece

The city ​​of Bruges is known as Little Greece because it has many celebrities in various fields. Since this city is 2197 meters above sea level, it is one of the cities called Bam Iran.


Bastam, the city of mystics

The name of Bayazid Bastami is a well-known name among Iranians, but Bayazid is not the only mystic in the city of Bastam. The city of Shabestar is also known as the city of mystics because Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari is one of the residents of this city. You can see Bastam sights on the page of Iran’s tourist attractions. You can also join the Aladdin Travel cloud forest tour and create a memorable memory for yourself.

Bandar Anzali  : City of Water lilies

Anzali  is one of the first registered wetlands in Iran, covered with colorful lotus flowers, therefore, Anzali is called the city of water lilies. See Anzali sights on Aladdin Travel tourist attractions page.


Bandar Genaveh : Dubai of Iran

Shopping Centers Genaveh Port has caused this city to become a paradise for shopping lovers. The title of Dubai Iran is also due to the abundance of shopping centers in this city.


Bushehr is the land of rituals and ceremonies, the land of palms and the sea.

The beautiful groves and the azure sea of ​​the Persian Gulf have caused Bushehr to be considered the land of palms and the sea. In addition, the existence of ceremonies such as mourning ceremonies and other special local ceremonies such as Gare Gosho, Qasem Hujjah, vows, Setareh Soheil, rain prayers, Yazleh Gardani, etc., has made this city known as the city of rituals and ceremonies. Bushehr is also known as the energy capital of Iran, because in addition to having abundant oil and gas reserves, it also has a nuclear power plant that has the capacity to generate one thousand megawatts of electricity. You can see the sights of Bushehr more differently when traveling with Bushehr tour .


Behbahan The city of Daffodils and Anemones

In autumn and winter of Behbahan, the smell of daffodils intoxicates you and at the end of spring, with the concern of daffodils for anemones, the yellowness of daffodils turns into anemone red. Behbahan is full of narcissus fields and flower beds of narcissus and anemone, hence it is called the land of narcissus and anemone.


Chenesht village: The land of colors

Chenesht is the name of a village in South Khorasan where its people wear special clothes. Men wear a long coat and scarf, while women wear colorful, cheerful clothing, including a green, red, or blue shirt, a red or blue floral scarf, and a silver and silver embroidered hat. The girls wear long dresses, Khorasani shawls, long robes and pachin skirts on the chin, which the color variety of these clothes has caused to call chin the land of colors.

Chabahar is called the land of evergreens.

The name Chabahar is actually changed from four springs, because its climate is spring on all days of the year.


Damghan, the City of a Hundred Gates

The Greeks referred to cities with more than four gates as Hecatompilus, which meant one hundred gates. Today’s Damghan was the place where Alexander the Great stopped 330 BC and with the death of Alexander became part of the Seleucid Empire and later became one of the first Parthian capitals.


Ilam is the land of the rising sun, the bride of the Zagros

In the Babylonian inscriptions, the name Ilam is given in the form of alam or alamto, which means mountain or country of the rising sun, hence this city is called the land of the rising sun. However, others consider the meaning of this land as a city on a hill. The beauty of this land has caused it to be called the bride of Zagros.


Julfa, the Land of Churches and Waterfalls

The second largest Armenian church in the world, after the Church of the SubGenius, is located in the city of Julfa. Many small and large waterfalls with exquisite and beautiful landscapes are located in this area. For this reason, Julfa is called the land of waterfalls and churches.


Jiroft : Little India, California of Iran

Jiroft has a unique climate, it is said that the city experiences only two days of winter and the rest of the time has spring or summer weather, a climate that can only be found in parts of India and California. The agricultural products of this city are also close to the agricultural products of India.


Makhonik Village Land of Lee Lee Pots of Iran

Makhonik Village in the easternmost part of South Khorasan Province is one of the most amazing villages in Iran. Very small houses made of stone and earth and covered with tree foliage. At the short entrance of the houses, they are the only openings of these houses and the people are short in stature.


 Rasht is the city of silver rains, the city of rain

Rasht is the largest metropolis of northern Iran and is known as the city of silver rains due to heavy rains. Rasht is also called the city of rain, this beautiful city is the third most visited tourist city in Iran.


Ramsar, the bride of Iranian cities

Has made Ramsar a spectacular city with dreamy landscapes.

Rasht is the city of silver rains, the city of rain

Rasht is the largest metropolis of northern Iran and is known as the city of silver rains due to heavy rains. Rasht is also called the city of rain, this beautiful city is the third most visited tourist city in Iran.


Rafsanjan Green Gold City

When you hear the name Rafsanjan, you will probably think of its delicious green pistachios.


Paveh, the city of  Thousands Masouleh

The houses of Paveh, like the village of Masouleh, are considered a stepped village, hence it is called Hezar Masouleh.


Sarawan, the birthplace of the Iranian sun

may be the first time you hear that Saravan is the first Iranian city where the sun rises, as it is the easternmost city on the border with Pakistan. It is interesting to know that sunrise and sunset in Saravan are one hour and 17 minutes away from sunrise and sunset in the westernmost city of Iran.


Sarein Land of Paradise Springs

There are 12 mineral springs in Sarein because Sarein is located near the volcanic mountain of Sabalan. Sarein is considered to mean source in the dictionary.


Semnan is a city of ethics, the ocean of dialects

Semnan is one of the safest cities in Iran and the crime rate is very low, which is why it has been named the city of ethics. On the other hand, in every city and village of this province, its people have their own accent. From After village to Esfanjan, Kalpush, Sangsar, Shahmirzad, Lasjerd and Sorkheh have different dialects, it is interesting to know that Semnani dialect is related to Med and Parthian languages.


Semirom is the land of a thousand springs.

Semirom is one of the lesser known cities that can be one of the best nature tourism destinations in Iran. . Existence of many springs in the city of Semirom, has made this city famous as the land of a thousand springs.

Sanandaj is the land of wild anemones of

spring, the plains and around the roads of Kurdistan and around Sanandaj like a red carpet is more spectacular than ever, a carpet of wild anemones in the background of green meadows. Hence, Sanandaj and Kurdistan are called the land of wild anemones.

Subatan (in Talesh) Paradise of Iran

Subatan is not only green pastures, plains full of anemones and pleasant weather, wooden huts, horses and wild trees and the starry sky of this summer region have made it known as the paradise of Iran.

Sistan and Baluchestan is the land of palms and sun, the land of desert and sea, the land

of myths. Vast is Sistan and Baluchestan. Due to the proximity of desert and sea in this province and also the existence of beautiful groves and beautiful rays of the sun in this province, it is also known as the land of palms and sun and desert and sea.

Shiraz: The city of flowers and nightingales / The city of secrets / The city of Tarb and Naz

The gardens of Shiraz are world famous, from the world registered garden of Eram to the garden of Afifabad and Nazar and Naranjestan Ghavam. Spring orange intoxicates you from afar. Many years ago, Saadi had written a description of Shiraz. Blessed is the Nowruz holiday, especially in Shiraz, which breaks the heart of a man traveling from his homeland. For this reason, Shiraz became known as the city of flowers and nightingales and the city of orange spring. Therefore, Shiraz is called the city of secrets, which in the past was called the city of secrets and has become Shiraz over time. The city of Tarb and Naz is another title of Shiraz. Shiraz was also known as Dar al-Alam in the past.


Tabriz is the city of the firsts.

Tabriz is known as the city of the firsts, because Iran experienced many of its firsts in this city. Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry, the first modern hotel, the first modern city train, the first modern factory (weapons factory), the first municipality of Iran (Baladieh), the first telephone infrastructure, the first women’s association, the first charity Non-governmental organizations are all related to the city of Tabriz. There are countless sights of Tabriz that you can visit to tour Tabriz .
Of course, Masjed Soleiman is also known as the city of the first, because the first oil well and the first gas well in Iran and the Middle East, the first treatment plant, the first water pipeline, the first sewage pipeline, the first entertainment club in the country, the first airport in the country, the first football club. Volleyball, squash, ping pong and many other sports are made in Masjed Soleyman.


Tuyserkan : The paradise in western Iran, The  walnut capital of Iran

Tuyserkan’s climate is temperate in summer due to its mountainous nature, and there are clear springs throughout the year. Beautiful valleys with large walnut orchards have made Tuyserkan the paradise of western Iran and the walnut capital of Iran.


Tarom: Paradise Lost Iran

You certainly know that Tarom is one of the largest rice growing areas in Iran, hence it is called Iran India. This land has such spectacular scenery that it is also called the lost paradise of Iran, although this title is used for many parts of Iran.


Tabas, the bride of the Iranian desert

To reach Tabas, you have to cross desert roads, a city with colorful boulevards and streets, the scent of blossoms and spring orange and full of lush groves, hence it is called the bride of the Iranian desert. Tabas, like Qeshm Island, is also called the geological paradise of Iran.


Fooman, the city of sculptures in Iran


When we look at the city of Fooman, we see many statues. The multiplicity of these sculptures has caused Fooman to be considered the city of Iranian sculptures.

Iran is a land of four seasons with different climates and diverse cultures, so each of the cities of Iran has different characteristics. To know what nickname every city in Iran is famous for, read this article by Aladdin Travel. Read the second and third part of these blogs about the titles of Iranian