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Qashqai tour


General Information About Qashqai Tour

8 nights and 9 days
As one of the most significant Nomad tribes of the expended Persian territory, Qashqai’s has a rare concept and great respect among the whole nomadic tribes. They are considered as the natives to Fars and Khuzestan provinces by having a population of about 250,000.
Through the “Qashqai tour” you have a great chance to visit the most highlighted and modern Iranian city, Tehran, while having the opportunity to be with one of the greatest Iranian nomadic tribes, Qashqai. As Fars province is considered as one of the original locations of this expanded tribe, you won’t miss the marvelous scenery sites which have located in the center of this province, Shiraz,.


Day 01

Arrival to Tehran.

You will be met and greeted at the airport and transfer to the hotel to rest.


Day 02

Tehran city tour starting at 09:00.
You will visit:
• National Museum
• Jewelry Museum
• Golestan palace(UNESCO World Heritage)
• Carpet Museum
• Tehran Great Bazaar


Day 03

Morning flight to Shiraz.
Drive to the Nomadic regions as soon as arriving to Shiraz.


Day 04

Living next to Nomad tribes.

Through these days, you will have the chance of participating in daily life of the Qashqai’s such as preparing food, producing the handicrafts or even setting the black tent up.

Furthermore, sleeping in the black tents itself is a great opportunity to rest the whole night with a mysterious peace and silence within the nature.


Day 05

Drive back to Shiraz.

Inside Shiraz you will visit:

    Quran Gate

    Khaju kermani Tomb(The whole city can be seen in a great view)


Day 06

Shiraz city tour starting at 09:00.

You will visit:

    Nasir ol Molk Mosque

    Narenjestan Grden

    Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine

    Zand Complex including: Mosque, Bazaar and Bath.

    Saraye Moshir

    Arg e Karimkhan


Day 07

Morning flight to Tehran.

You will visit: Tabiat Bridge and Abo Atash in the evening, if time allows based on the returning flight time.


Day 08

Tehran city tour starting at 09:00.

You will visit:

    Niavaran Palace

    Sa’ad Abad Complex

    Cinema Museum

    Tajrish bazaar


Day 09