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Qeshm Excursion


General Information About Qeshm Excursion

11 nights & 12 days
Iran is where to be rendered with different types of travel experiences, the ones which are not just limited to the cultural tours. Southern parts of Iran where is located as the sandy beaches of the Persian gulf is an awesome part of Iran, which can be the paradise for those who are interested in sun heat and sandy beaches. In addition, there are some beautiful Islands which are embracing different types of natural attractions and etc.
“Qeshm Excursion” is a one of the tour packages which will move you through one of the most attractive Islands of Iran, Qeshm Island and the rest of the travel is dedicated to visit cultural and historical highlights of Iran which are located through the cultural route; this is why you’ll have an experience as a mixture of Eco tour and Cultural tour.


Day 01

Arrival to the IKA airport of Tehran.

Meet & greet & transfer to the hotel to rest.

City tour will be started by based on your arrival time to Tehran in order to move you to the heartland of Tehran’s historical sites.

The below attractions will be visited within the first day of touring in Iran:

  • National Museum of Tehran
  • Jewelry Museum of Tehran
  • Golestan Palace
  • Tehran Grand Bazaar


Day 02

In addition to the central parts of the city which have been explored within the previous city tour, Tehran has an other historical part which is located in the northern parts including some of the most awesome heritages of previous dynasties of Iran which are mostly Royal palaces.

The day tour will be done by the below order:

  • Sa’ad Abad Palace
  • Niavaran Palace
  • Tajrish Grand Bazaar

At the end, you’ll visit the greatest pedestrian overpass bridge of the Middle-East which is located in Iran over Modarres highway of Tehran.


Day 03

Morning flight to Qeshm Island.

As soon as arriving to Qeshm Island, you’ll have time to explore the rare sites of the island by the below order:

  • Chahkooh National Park
  • Stars Valley
  • Naaz Island


Day 04

Morning transfer to Hormoz Island by ferry.

Hormoz Island is considered as the land of wonders in Iran; because it’s embracing different kinds of natural attractions like caves, Cliffs, mountains and valleys.

Within the island you’ll be provided with a 4*4 WD car in order to explore different parts of the island.

Overnight will be in Qesh Island.


Day 05

Morning flight to Shiraz will be the first plan of this travel.

In addition, you’ll have a half day tour in Shiraz to explore the below sites:

  • Karim Khan Castle
  • Zand Complex ( Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath & Vakil Mosque)
  • Saraye Moshir
  • Hafez Tomb


Day 06

Shiraz in the heartland of the monuments which are constructed based on the rare Islamic architecture, this why some of the most beautiful attractions of Iran is located in this marvelous city. These sites will be explored during this day’s tour by the below order:

  • Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
  • Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage)
  • Naqsh-e Rostam
  • Quran Gate


Day 07

Let’s leave Shiraz to reach the marvelous city of Yazd. En route we’ll visit one of the most glorious attractions of Iran, Pasargadae.


Day 08

Yazd City Tour in order to visit the most highlighted sites in this historical city; where it is the only Iranian city which is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage.

  • Tower of Silence
  • Yazd Jame Mosque
  • Dowlat Abad Garden
  • Amir Chakhmaq Tekieh
  • Zoroastrian fire temple


Day 09

It’s time to leave the city of Yazd to proceed to the other destination to be visited; the city of Isfahan.

In order not to miss any attractions through out the whole part of this golden route of Iran Travel; you’ll have a tour to Meybod & Naein by the below details:

  • Pigeon Tower
  • Nain Friday Mosque


Day 10

Today, we’ll explore as much as possible in Isfahan; this is why it’ll be the most busy day of our tour by visiting the below sites:

  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage)
  • Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque
  • Aalio Qapu Palace
  • Chehel Sotun Palace


Day 11

As the last day of our travel in Iran; We’ll have a city tour within the Armenian part of Isfahan, where the most attractive cathedral of Iran and to some extent, the world; is located under the name of Vank Cathedral.

Right after finishing our excursion within this marvelous site, we’ll proceed to the IKA airport to depart the country.


Day 12