Travel Guide to Vegetarian Iranian Food?


What Is Vegetarian?

Vegetarianism means avoiding animal meat, which may include foods such as milk, dairy products, eggs, and honey that have animal origin. There are several types of vegetarianism that vary depending on the type of vegetarianism toward livestock and animal products. Some vegetarians also disagree with killing their animal products.

Some vegetarians also avoid wearing costumes such as leather, silk, and fur that kill animals. Veganism, sometimes referred to as “total vegetarianism,” avoids all animal products, whether derived from or killed by animals (such as dairy products, eggs, etc.).

Vegetarians are present in all countries of the world today, and in some countries, such as India, vegetarianism has historical and religious roots.

A Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

In Iran too, this method has its own fans. One of the most important things that vegan people should pay attention to is nutrition. This is no longer the case for all kinds of meats, dairy products, eggs, honey and anything that is produced by animals. If they want to go to the restaurant, they will have to hit a lot of menu items and end up with a salad with no sauces or foods. Here’s a new form of restaurant that offers vegetarian and vegan food and satisfies veganism. Here are some of the vegan restaurants that operate in Tehran.


Ground Restaurant

Ground Restaurant is one of the capital’s vegan and vegetarian restaurants with a good and attractive environment. The restaurant operates under the slogan “Whole Vegetable Food = Non-Violent Food” and offers delicious choices to vegan and vegetarians. Even vegetarians enjoy healthy food at this restaurant.

Address: Pardisan St., Simaye Iran St., Phase 5, Shahrak e Gharb, Tehran.

Ananda Restaurant Cafe

Ananda is a vegetarian restaurant that has been operating in Tehran since 2006. The restaurant seeks to introduce vegetarian and traditional Iranian vegetarian dishes, introducing vegetarian culture and eliminating the idea of eating a variety of non-varied boiled vegetables for vegetarians. One of the features of this restaurant is the green space that offers a different environment to the bustling and bustling city of Tehran. A range of delicious salads and desserts are also served here.

Address: No. 18, South Ekhtiyariyeh, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Clean Cafe Restaurant

If you are vegan or for any reason want to eat an animal-free diet, make your way to the whirlwind of clean food and eat a delicious meal in this cozy and beautiful restaurant. The dishes of this restaurant are cooked by the ladies chefs and are perfectly healthy and organic. At the restaurant you can order a variety of Iranian and French snacks and snacks and enjoy special salads and drinks.

Address: No. 187, Beheshti St., Tehran.


Pure Restaurant

Pure is a stylish restaurant in the ASP tower and has beautifully decorated. Many consider this restaurant to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tehran, with a great deal of obsession with all the principles of vegetarianism to cook its food. A warm and cozy environment with kind staff who associate the home with you. The restaurant also serves breakfast on Thursdays and Fridays, and enthusiasts can taste vegetarian breakfasts as well.

Address: No.35, A.S.P Towers, 64th St., Yousefabad, South Sheikh Bahaei, Tehran.

Mehre Mitra

Mehre Mitra can be brought to the top of the best vegetarian restaurants. With a menu full of variety and creativity, this restaurant can easily entice any vegetarian, raw vegetarian or even carnivorous person.

Vegetarian House of Artists

Another of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tehran is the Vegetarian Restaurant of the Tehran Artists House located on the east side of the Artists Building in the Tehran Artists’ Park of Tehran.

The restaurant was launched with the aim of promoting a vegetarian and environmental culture. Since its inception, the restaurant has been aiming to provide healthy and varied meals by combining the right mix of grains, legumes, vegetables, dairy and spices. As mentioned, this restaurant is located in the park and has indoor and outdoor.

Banyan Tree Restaurant

Banyan’s Coffee Shop and Vegetarian Restaurant is located on Shariati Street. It has a small space here, but its surroundings are warm and cozy and the menu is very full and attractive. What is important at this restaurant is that there is no white sugar, canned or preserved ingredients in the dishes, and all the dishes and desserts are made from perfectly natural and fresh ingredients.

Tilit Restaurant

There is a restaurant called Tillit in Saadi St. in Tehran which has managed to bring two vegetarian and carnivorous cohorts together and for both of them there is a solution. Tilit, one of Tehran’s vegetarian restaurants, combines modernity and tradition with modern space and traditional earthenware.

Charmis Restaurant

On Hafez Street, another vegetarian restaurant in Tehran called Charmiz. Charmiz is small and located in a particular neighborhood in terms of traffic, but it is always crowded at noon and has its own famous customer. What sets this restaurant apart from other vegetarian restaurants in Tehran is the food you cook by the chef behind the glass so you can safely eat your own food.