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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Everywhere you are traveling to, you might be in danger of unpredictable accidents, illnesses, pickpockets, luggage and document loss, etc. such incidents not only deplete your deposit, but also wreck your travel experience and leave unpleasant memories.  Therefore, spending a little money on travel insurance seems wise and makes you feel tranquil during the travel. Tourists must put travel insurance in high priority of their travel items.

Is travel insurance compulsory for getting Iranian visa?

In some countries, you do not need a travel insurance to get their visa, but Iran is part of those countries for applying visa need travel insurance, in other word for getting Iranian visa and entering Iran, travel insurance is compulsory.

There are two ways to buy travel insurance for travelling to Iran:

  1. Buying a travel insurance at Iran’s international airports

Note: depending on the kind of travel insurance you want to buy, the items and expenses covered, travel insurance, usually costs lower than 40 dollar.

  1. Buying a travel insurance online before traveling to Iran

Some Iranian insurance companies provide online services for foreign tourists to buy travel insurance, like Saman insurance company.

Note: if you want to apply for Iranian visa grant number, you must use this way.

Each insurance company evaluates the cost of travel insurance based on several items (tour cost, tourist’s age, gender, tour period, etc.) and their services (medical expenses ‘depends on what kind insurance you bought’, baggage loss, document loss, etc.). Usually the prices of travel insurance companies are the same (or a little different).

Note: before buying medical, personal, business, educational, or other sort of insurance, contact our professional consultant to consult you about travel insurance.