Traveling is one of the best ways to discover the unknown.

People start traveling for different reasons and motivations, and each has different goals. Some travel for fun and some to discover the unknown. Others for work and income.

Curiosity and excitement to see new places and get acquainted with the culture and customs of people who may be miles away from you is possible only by traveling. Of course, people’s interests and preferences in choosing a place to travel comes first.

If you are excited, surely excitement can make your trip memorable. Memories that will never be erased from your mind and you can define them for many years. If you are looking for adventure and exciting entertainment in Iran, surely going to a place that no one has ever been to, or at least trying adventure entertainment that no one dares to do, is something that can make many adventurous tourists. Make him travel. Adventure is discovering the unknown and doing things you are not very familiar with. With these tips, you can be sure that you will definitely experience an exciting trip to Iran.

In recent years, with the opening of Iran’s doors and the ease of obtaining visas for foreigners, a wave of tourists has flowed into this country. A country that attracts a lot of attention in the world with its historical antiquity, culture and different customs. According to the statistics of the World Tourism Organization tables about Iran, the number of tourists entering this country is increasing.


Go to cities in Iran where adventure is a part of life

The easiest way to adventure is to go to places where adventure is possible. In these places, everything is prone to adventure, on the other hand, seeing people who are adventurous even in everyday activities can increase your motivation for unusual and exciting activities.

Enjoy the nature of Iran for 4 seasons

There are so many nature trails and parks in Iran that you just have to decide and set out to experience adventure travel.


Do you agree that seeing anonymous but attractive places in different cities and countries makes a lot of sense?

We mean the points that few people know about. Iran has many of these attractive points. It seems that this country has its hands full of surprises in its east, west, south and north. Iran’s pristine places that few have heard of and can be a prime destination for your trip. Among these unknown or lesser known places in Iran, the following can be mentioned:


  1. Isfahan Karshahi Castle Negin Kheshti Kavir , In Iran
    In a corner of this land, in the midst of the silence of the desert, a brick building that withstood the cold and warmth of the times with its curved stature, has shown the glory of the history of Iranian architecture . A unique building that has been forgotten in the silence of the desert today and has kept its evidence as a secret in its heart

  2. Shadegan International Wetland, In Iran is known as an important international wetland, despite its rich biodiversity and many tourist attractions, unfortunately it is still unknown in the country and even in Khuzestan province. The back alleys of Sarakhieh village are in the middle of the water and for this reason, we say that this is Venice in Iran.

  1. Filband, Dream Village with unbelievable nature , In Iran

which is located above the clouds, is the village of Filband in Mazandaran province. This village is very spectacular and unique, and the view that it gives you from the clouds, injects you with a sense of vitality and energy, and changes your mood.

  1. Raghaz Atrait a paradise in the heart of Persian mountains, In Iran

Raghaz means pristine and slippery. It is surrounded by high walls on both sides and in the heart of this gorge there are 64 waterfalls and one hundred natural pools. Of these 64 waterfalls, 12 waterfalls require rope landing.

  1. Cal Jenny, a valley in the heart of Iran’s darkness, In Iran

 Curiosity has always brought troubles to man. Sometimes they embark on a journey that does not even know the end. The discovery of mystery has always attracted human beings. The need to experience exciting challenges has always been present in human beings. Some go to sea and go to the heart of mysteries, while others turn cautiously and wait for the truth to be discovered. It does not matter how far away these mysteries are from us. The important thing is the questions that do not leave us and do not leave us for a moment. Discovering the facts motivates you to take to the roads. To have this experience, Go to Cal Jenny Valley in Tabas city.


  1. Ghost Logon , a place you should never go, In Iran

This time we want to talk about a lake that is located 12 km from the city of Nowshahr and because of its distant past, it has a strange and perhaps a little scary name. If you miss the excitement and adventure, it is better to end your trip with a safe vehicle and move to this address.

  1. Nature miracle in “ Seven Caves Valley” , In Iran

In this valley, which is called Haft Ghar, there are actually no caves, and “Haft Ghar” means seven valleys and seven straits.


  1. Badab Surat “Spectacular and unforgettable sight of Mazandaran” , In Iran

Consider stair springs, each of which has a different color and smell of water from the previous step. Wild trees and barberry bushes can be seen around the spring. If you go to higher altitudes, you will see forests of conifers. Not attractive?