Where to eat the most delicious traditional food of Iran?

If you ask foreign tourists about the characteristics of Iran, most of them are very satisfied with Iranian food and describe the taste of all kinds of Iranian kebabs, pilafs, soups and pastries. Basically, Iranians are delicious and each of the cities of our country has its own delicious food. One of the people who traveled a lot, recommended that you try the food of that city on your travels. Because traditional food is not only food, but also the geographical, economic and social conditions of the city. In this article, we introduce some traditional foods of some provinces of the country.

Gilan Province

Gilan is a leader in delicious Iranian food. Gilani dishes have a wonderful taste. The types of vegetables and flavorings that exist in Gilan are the main reason for the good taste of Gilani food. The variety of Gilani dishes is very large. Here are just a few of these foods.

Baghala Ghatog

Baqalaqategh is one of the healthiest and most delicious dishes in Rasht. A special type of bean that is grown in Gilan is used to prepare baklaqatagh. Other ingredients used in the preparation of this food include garlic, eggs and dill. Some eat beans with rice as a main dish and others as a snack.

Mirza Ghasemi

Another popular food of Gilani is Mirza Ghasemi. This food is sometimes eaten as a snack. Eggplant, eggs, plenty of garlic and tomatoes are some of the ingredients used in Mirza Ghasemi’s composition. Mirza Ghasemi eggplant is often grilled.


Another delicious food of Gilani, whose aroma and smell touches everyone’s heart, is Sirghalye. Chicken, chickpeas, garlic and tomato paste are the main ingredients in garlic roe. Garlic roe, like many other Gilani dishes, is eaten with rice.



Leek is also a very tasty Gilani food. When you eat leeks, you feel the taste of all kinds of fragrant vegetables. Abundant orange juice or juice gives this food a pleasant sour taste. Eggs, cinnamon and garlic are other ingredients used to make leek pickles.


Aloo Mosama

In many cities of Iran, plum stew is made, of course, in each city in its own style. But Masma Gilani plum stew is something else! This delicious and tasty food is cooked with plums, ghee, chicken, sugar and saffron.


Pomegranate is another delicious stew and one of the traditional dishes of Gilani. Pomegranate is very similar to Fesenjan. The difference is that a variety of tasty vegetables have been used in Anarbij. Some make fesanjan sweet, some sour and some smooth. But pomegranate is much sour with pomegranate paste or juice.


Mazandaranis, like their neighbor Gilan, have delicious food. Although many of these foods are common in both provinces, however, some of these foods are specifically considered to belong to Mazandaran or Gilan. The variety of food in Mazandaran is also high. Here are just a few of their delicious dishes.

Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed chicken is made in many cities in Iran, but this food is originally from Mazandaran. The inside of the chicken is emptied and cleaned, then jumped with a series of ingredients. Ingredients that are put in the chicken include a variety of vegetables, hot onions, walnuts, barberry, ghee, plums and orange juice. Apart from chicken, Mazandaranis also cook stuffed ducks.


Pumpkin is a healthy and delicious traditional food. Zucchini and potatoes are the main ingredients used in the preparation of squash. Tomatoes, eggs, garlic and onions are also added to the squash. If you cook the squash with fresh squash, it will taste great.

Keyi pela

In Mazani dialect, squash is called kai. In addition to squash, onions, minced meat, rice, cumin, turmeric and spices are also added to Kei Pla. Kei Pla is also a healthy food for children.

Nardon Stew

Mazandaranis, like Gilanis, have a lot of sour food. Nardon stew is one of these sour and delicious foods. To prepare this dish, chicken is fried. Then cook with pomegranate seeds, pomegranate paste, hot onion, sugar and spices. Nardoon stew is served with high quality Iranian rice.

Fars Province

Delicious local food is not limited to northern cities; For example, in Fars province, delicious food is cooked. If you travel to Shiraz or other cities in Fars province, be sure to try the special dishes of this province. Some of the most important foods in Fars province are:

Kalam Polo

The most famous dish of Shiraz is cabbage pilaf, which of course is different from cabbage pilaf in other cities. Apart from cabbage, fragrant vegetables, meat and spices are used in the preparation of this food. Be sure to eat Shirazi cabbage with Shirazi salad to enjoy its taste more.

Shirazi rice

Another traditional food of Fars province is Shirazi pilaf. Shirazi pilaf is very similar to Tahchin. The difference is that in addition to chicken, eggplant is also used in the preparation of this food.

Ghanbar Ploo

Ghanbar Ploo Shirazi is a delicious food for Shiraz that is very popular in other cities as well. This dish is prepared with stir-fried minced meat, onions.raisins and


Loobiapolo Shirazi

If you are lucky, you will also find Shirazi beans in the restaurants of this city. What is used as a bean in this food is blue-eyed beans. In addition to chicken beans, dill and a variety of flavorings are added to this dish.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes and one of the traditional dishes of Shiraz. As its name suggests, different types of vegetables are widely used in this soup. Chickpeas, beans, lentils and onions are other ingredients in this soup.



Dopiaz, also known as plum onions, are a

simple and delicious Shirazi dish. Onions,

potatoes, tomatoes and spices are used to

prepare this dish. Two onions can also be

served as an appetizer.



The people of Isfahan are also very happy. Kebab is famous for making them on spring nights near Zayandehrood. But the people of Isfahan eat other delicious foods besides kebabs. In the following, we will introduce some of the famous dishes of Isfahan.


The most famous food of Isfahan is Bryan. Brian is prepared and served both at home and in restaurants. Roast is a combination of meat, white mutton liver and a variety of spices. The edible grill is round and looks like a hamburger. In addition, some broth is served in a bowl that you can pour bread and taste. This broth is obtained by cooking roast compounds in water.


Ghermeze Nokhodchi

Chickpea red or chickpea mince is another traditional food of Isfahan. To make this dish, minced meat is mixed with Ardenkhodchi and small meatballs are made from it. These meatballs

are cooked with potatoes in water and paste.

This food is eaten with both bread and rice.

Yakhi Loobia

Frozen beans or bean meat is a food similar to mild. To prepare this dish, the meat is thoroughly cooked with vegetables, beans, rice and flavorings. The mixture is then beaten to make it soft and fluffy.

Maast stew

Moss stew or yogurt stew, contrary to its name, is a dessert; A dessert that is very popular among Isfahanis. To prepare this dessert, the meat is cooked, beaten, then combined with yogurt extract, saffron and sugar. This dessert is decorated with sliced ​​almonds and pistachios.


The prosperity of fishing, various plants and spices, and of course good taste, are the factors that make Khuzestanis also have delicious food. If you travel to Khuzestan province, enjoy their food.

Ghalye Mahie

It  is one of the most famous traditional dishes in the south of the country. Boneless fish is used to make this dish. Onions and aromatic vegetables are the most important ingredients for fish roe. To make this food sour, Indian stamps are poured into it.


Samosseh is also one of the famous dishes of Khuzestan. To make this samosa, a mixture of minced meat, vegetables, garlic, pepper and paste is wrapped in lavash bread. Then fry in hot oil. Samosas are usually eaten with tomato sauce.


They also know the falafels of Ahvaz and Abadan. Baked chickpeas, spices and eggs are the main ingredients in the preparation of falafel. The mixture is fried in oil and placed in a sandwich. If you want to eat falafel in Ahvaz, visit Lashkarabad Street in this city at night.

Noon Charbi

It  is one of the famous foods of Dezful in Khuzestan province. To make this dish, they make a delicious stew, a stew made from meat, peas, onions and paste. Then pour the stew water into a large bowl and place the lavash bread in the bowl. The breads are well soaked in stew water, which is also greasy. Then they put pieces of greased bread in the plates and pour the stew on it.


Mahlabiyeh is a delicious dessert. In the composition of this delicious dessert, corn, milk, vanilla, sugar and rose water are added. This Turkish-Arabic dessert is very similar to porridge.


Although Qazvin province is not a big province, but it has a lot of traditional and delicious food. If you travel to Qazvin or pass through Qazvin on your way to other cities, try the delicious food of this city. In the following, we will introduce some Qazvin dishes.

Gheime Nisar

Ghimeh Nisar is one of the best and even arguably the most luxurious dishes of Qazvin and of course Iran. Roast slices of almonds and pistachios, slices of orange peel and barberry. Then pour over rice and serve with meat.


Qazvini doogh soup

Doogh soup is one of the most popular Iranian dishes. In this dish, various beans such as red beans, lentils and chickpeas, rice and buttermilk are added. Hot garlic and hot

onion are poured on the soup both to

decorate and to make it delicious.

Doogh soup is also made in many

other cities in Iran.


Meshkofi Qazvin

Mushkoufi is also a Qazvini dessert, of course, it is also cooked in Mazandaran. The main ingredient is starch. Other ingredients used to make this delicious dessert include saffron, sugar, rose and milk.


East Azarbaijan

Azerbaijanis are famous for their good cooking and good food. In addition to good taste, fresh and healthy ingredients help to make Turkish food tastier. Let’s get acquainted with some examples of East Azerbaijani cuisine:

Koofteh Tabrizi

One of the traditional and famous Iranian dishes is Tabrizi meatballs. Making meatballs requires a lot of skill.

It is used to prepare Tabrizi meatballs,

minced meat, chickpeas, rice

and vegetables. They also put walnuts

and plums in the meatballs.


Carrot Plum Stew

Carrot plum stew is one of the popular stews in Azerbaijan. Both meat and chicken can be used to make this stew. In addition, carrots, plums, onions, paste, spices and lemon juice are other ingredients of carrot plum stew.

Bonab Kebab  

Another popular Azeri food is kebab.

It is well known that Turks make delicious

kebabs. In the meantime,

Bonab Kebab is more famous. High

quality mutton, onion and salt are

the ingredients used to make kebabs.

Skills in making kebabs are as important

as the ingredients.


Ash-e Yakh

There are many dishes in Azerbaijan, but Ash-e Yakh is the most special among them. It is used to make Ashe Yakh, rice, sour yogurt, vegetables, garlic and beet leaves. After the soup is cooked, it is removed from the flame and placed in the refrigerator. When serving, pieces of ice are poured into the soup.


 A rainbow of flavors, an excuse to travel

What is mentioned here is only a part of the traditional food of Iranian cities. Almost all provinces have their own special and delicious food. In addition, some traditional and authentic Iranian food is common in all cities. These foods include broth, fesnjan and tahchin. Sometimes, the same foods are cooked in different cities with different ingredients and methods.

Traditional food is mainly adapted to the climatic conditions and climate of the people of different cities. So we have two tips for you; First, try to travel a lot, and second, try the food of different cities during your travels

Some other special Iranian meals are as follows:

Qormeh Sabzi

For several years now, the first Saturday of December in each solar year has been named by the lovers of Iranian culture as “World Green Qormeh Day”. This stew with greens (including leeks, parsley, fenugreek and coriander, spinach or beet leaves – winter is the spinach season from spinach and beet leaves are used when beet leaves are available), beans (red or pomegranate or blue-eyed ), Red onion and red meat are cooked. The taste of this stew should be a little sour, so it is added a little dried Omani lemon or fresh lemon juice, which gives the Omani lemon peel a slightly pleasant bitter taste. It takes a long time for the vegetable crumbs to settle.



or broth is one of the oldest, most delicious and nutritious authentic Iranian dishes. As the name implies, this food is watery and meat is one of its main components. We guess the question comes to your mind that what is the difference between broth and Daisy? The answer to this question is simple; The ingredients of daisy and broth are the same. In fact, they are both one food. The only difference is in the way this food is cooked. It is customary to call it “broth” if it is cooked at home, and to call it “Daisy” if it is prepared outside and inside the oven. If you are having a party with a traditional theme, you need to serve broth as the main dish. We recommend that you eat broth or daisy with Sangak bread and onion.



We are all familiar with this delicious saffron and Iranian dish; TahChin! Tahchin is one of the popular

Iranian dishes that is usually

cooked with yogurt, rice, saffron

and eggs.

Pan Kebab

Kebab Pan is a simple and easy Iranian food that has its own ardent lovers in many Iranian homes. You may have seen this food many times with the names of kebab digi or kebab plate,

which indicates the different methods

of its preparation and cooking.



fish is the most popular and most consumed seafood that in terms of the variety of types and of course the way it is cooked, can satisfy different tastes of people. Meanwhile, belly fish, which is one of the most popular Iranian dishes in the north and of course the south of the country, also has a high variety of contents.

Bushehri Shrimp Polo

Shrimp is one of the best Iranian seafood dishes and as its name suggests, it belongs to the southern region of Iran. In the past, this food was specific to the south of the country, but due to the fact that shrimp consumption has become common throughout Iran, this food has also become somewhat epidemic. It can be said that this food is one of the affordable foods; In preparing this food, we go to small shrimps that have a relatively reasonable price. For this reason, by preparing this food, you can listen to the advice of doctors to use seafood at a relatively low and reasonable cost.


Sistan and Baluchestan’s Doogh Pay

may think at first glance that this food is our stuffing and is no different from it. In that case, you are completely wrong! Doogh pai or doogh pi stew is one of the famous dishes of Sistan and Baluchestan, which many people confuse with minced meat because of its appearance. This traditional Iranian food is very tasty and of course relatively sour, and as soon as you taste it, you will notice its different and new taste. It seems that the restaurants are not yet skilled enough to add this delicious food to their menu. So to eat this food in an original and traditional way, it is better to go to the houses of Sistan and Baluchestan and the tasteful women of this region.


Bean polo with muscle

Among Iranian pilafs, bean pilaf is the most majlis. In preparing this dish, rice, dill and fresh green beans are used. We suggest preparing fresh beans and dill and do not use frozen beans and dry dill as much as possible. The meat served with this food is optional and can be chicken or mutton. However, the main recipe for bean pilaf with muscle or neck meat is stated.

Shirin Polo

As you guessed, sugar is used in cooking Shirin Ploo. Those who like sweet-tasting rice, sweet rice is your food! This food should be fried with chicken and garnished with pistachios, almonds, oranges, raisins and barberry as shown below and placed on the table to win the hearts of the guests!

Yazdi Gheime Nokhod

Yazdi Gheime Nokhod is one of several traditional and local foods of Yazidis.

Chicken Kebab

chicken is made from chicken and is very popular. The vast majority of Iranians grill flavored chicken on a brazier and cook grilled chicken on holidays and travel. The main ingredient of this food is orange or sour lemon. Grilled chicken is served with bread or pilaf.

Dande Kabab

It is a local food of Kurdistan and Kermanshah.

Kermanshahi Seeb polo

One of the traditional and original foods of Kermanshah is Kermanshahi apple pilaf, which is unique in its kind.

 Types of pickles

As you know, there is a great variety of courgettes in Iran and neighboring countries. It is composed that these ingredients vary depending on                each city of Iran, but making jam is very difficult and eating it is a lot of fun.

 Types of soups

There is a great variety of soups in Iran and each city has its own special soups. The most famous soups are noodle soup, barley soup, doogh soup, etc. They can learn how to prepare these dishes.


Istanbul or tomato tail is one of the simplest delicious dishes that is also prepared with simple ingredients.


Dampakhtak is one of the local dishes of Tehran province. It is another simple, delicious and original Iranian food.

Morasaa Polo

Marsa pilaf can be made in 3 general ways using chicken, meat and fish. Of course, the most popular type is pilaf with chicken. This food is a delicious and nutritious food full of color and beauty and can give a different glaze color to your table. Another name for pilaf is pilaf, which is a stylish and elegant dish that is made at most parties. Marsa in Arabic means jewelry and it is named for this purpose that colorful materials are used in the preparation of rice marsa. Marsa pilaf is a food that requires a lot of time and patience to prepare, but the result is definitely worth the time.

Albaloo Polo

Sour cherry pilaf Shiraz is the same food that is prepared using sour and juicy cherries and is one of the most popular foods in the summer season among the people of Shiraz. On the site , we have explained to you the necessary ingredients and how to prepare Shiraz cherry pilaf .


Reshte Polo

noodles are one of the types of pilafs in Iranian cuisine that are mostly cooked with cooked meat or hot onions, dates and raisins or both. It is a tradition that is eaten on the day of Nowruz celebration. Rasht pilaf is one of the most delicious foods in Behshahr.


Kangar Polo with noodles and meat

Artichoke pilaf or Biehler pilaf Yasuji is known to be very useful for those who have a hot temper or suffer from anemia and liver failure. The original Yasuji cook this food with red meat because animal husbandry is the ancestral occupation of the Yasuji and they consider red meat to be the lifeblood. Find out. The coming of each season also promises to cook its own special dishes. As spring approaches, the locals go to the mountains and plains to share in the gifts of nature and cook their favorite dishes and stews.